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Check out my interview with adult superstar and AVN Hall of Famer, Briana Banks. Standing at 5’9″, the leggy former Vivid contract star discusses how the industry has changed since she took a break from the industry 5 years ago, working with younger male talent, awkward run in with fans and why she will always be the alpha female in a scene. 

So sit back and drink in the tall glass of smoothness that is, Briana Banks.

Where are you originally from?

I was born in Munich, Germany.

When you first came to LA, what was one of the first thing you had to get used to about LA culture?

I actually moved to London from Germany when I was 7 so I did know English before I moved to LA. My fondest memory is going to McDonalds and ordering a hamburger and ‘crispies’. They looked at me like I was crazy because they had no idea what ‘crispies’ were (laughs) that’s a London thing. Having lived in London which is a big city, it wasn’t a crazy move to where I hadn’t ever been in a big city.

So everyone knows you’ve had an extraordinary career in the adult industry. You took a break and now you’re back. But take me back to Brianna in high school. What clique did you run with in high school?

I was kind of a nerd. I was so skinny and had braces both top and bottom. I tried to gain weight and people would make fun of me I was so skinny. No boobs or anything. Then when I left ninth grade, I had the braces removed and hit puberty magically. I also got dumped by the most popular senior because I wouldn’t let him go down my shirt because I was extremely shy I’d never had guys look at me like that. So honestly, I could have been in the popular clique but I stayed with my best friend who’s still my best friend since the 4th grade, and she didn’t transition as smoothly into the high school years as I did and they were very unaccepting of her. But she was my friend and she was more important than any of that other stuff. But I was friend with everyone and got along with everyone. So I really didn’t have a certain clique I was in.

Did you welcome the attention?

I don’t think I understood because I had always kept to myself and was very book smart. I didn’t even kiss a boy until I was 16 and he was the only boy I was with until I got in the industry. I had never even done it with the lights on before I got into porn. Talk about a 180! (laughs)

So that guy’s gotta be sticking his chest out about now at being the lone wolf  to be with Briana for a while

Yep and then he cheated on me like an idiot…

…And proceeded to mess it up

He did! (laughs)

So how did you go from so shy teen to beast mode in the adult industry?

I actually left home at 14 and took my sister with me and kinda bounced around from house to house until I turned 16 and then I got myself emancipated and when I turned 18 I got custody of my sister. My dream was always to be a runway model and unfortunately back then I was always too short so I was getting turn away a lot. When my sister turned 18, I stopped getting checks from the state and said I couldn’t go to school, work and take care of my sister. I ended up in porn by answering an ad in the paper that said ‘Make $1000/day modeling’ and I didn’t know it was porn till I got there.


Yeah. (laughs) I pulled away from the set 3 times tell myself, ‘I can’t do that, I can’t do that…’But I was having trouble making the rent so I said if I don’t do it, I gonna have nowhere to live. So its still beyond me that I found the balls to do that as shy as I was.  But that was the first time I really had someone tell me I was pretty. I had had guys drool over me but no one straight out looked me in the eye and said, ‘You’re beautiful. You’re gonna be famous.’ I jus thought to myself, ‘I’m just gonna do this a couple times, get the money and leave’ I didn’t know it would spread like wildfire.

When you go back to your hometown, are you viewed as Briana the Adult Star or just Briana from the Block?

I’m just Bri. Although according to my high school, everyone has had sex with me. (laughs)

Obviously you were nervous about your first scene. What was that first scene and how did you get over the nervousness?

I looked up my first scene recently with a friend of mine and I really didn’t want to watch it because I knew how bad it would be.  But it was called University Co-Eds with Brandon Irons and I was going under the name of Mirage. I do remember thinking that I didn’t know penises came that big! (laughs) But I was petrified. They had to keep telling me to make noise and not to look at the camera. I had never had anyone in the room watching me have sex and all of sudden there’s all these people in the room watching! Even the people filming in the other room were looking through window. I was mortified! I didn’t know what I was doing. But I had never sucked a dick and God I was terrible before I got into the industry! (laughs) I remember they told me to go reverse cowgirl and I didn’t know what that was. I had only been on my back missionary style. So I was probably the most inexperienced person to get in porn ever! (laughs)

So when you finished, what made you go back?

I had never seen $1000 cash in my life. Since I was renting a small room for $400/month, I was like, ‘Now I have two months rent’ So the money and then all the people telling me how pretty I was.  I wasn’t used to being treated like someone special. That’s just not how I was brought up.

Of all the scenes you’ve done, is there a scene that stands out as just not being your favorite scene?

I don’t even have to think about it, it would be Max Hardcore.  The most mortifying scene ever not knowing his reputation and what he did to girls but I did that scene and swore to myself I was never coming back. He went to prison for what he was doing to girls. So yeah, hands down, Hardcore wins that one.

On the flipside, what’s the funniest blooper to happen on a shoot that stands out?

When you’re in porn, it happens so much it doesn’t even seem weird anymore. (laughs) I’ve never had anything in the pooper area that was embarrassing.  Maybe a little noise that comes out when you’re having sex and you have to tell people it wasn’t you farting. (laughs) But other than that, I’ve never had anything horrific happen.

What’s on your list of ‘no-no’s when filming?

I don’t have a no-no list because I’ve pretty much done everything (laughs) I’m not really into surprise fingers in the butt an stuff like that if it wasn’t planned. Other than that, I’m down to roll with a scene. I like to have strong, rough, aggressive scenes.

You’re an aggressive performer but do you prefer your partner to also be aggressive or more submissive?

I actually prefer the performer to be more dominant. It makes for a better scene. I’m not really a mean person and I’ve done a couple FemDom scenes awhile back and it was hard for me to be mean to someone. Its always better for me for the guy to be the Alpha. I mean, I can be the alpha but its better for me to be dominated than to be dominating.

So you gotta bring the energy and heat when doing a scene with Briana…

Yeah, don’t think we’re gonna lay there and make rainbows and sparklies. I want a good scene!

What is the position that is guaranteed to get you off during a scene?

I cum very easily if I’m getting drilled from behind (laughs). If I have no control and am pinned, that works for me. I know most girls will say being on top is their trick but for me its having no control and being on bottom.  I’ve been very fortunate since I’ve been back to work with the veterans when it comes to the male talent because they now have this whole MILF thing now that wasn’t around when I left 5 years ago, so I’m constantly having sex with 20 year old girls but all the guys are the same guys I used to have sex with which is good because I can’t imagine having sex with a 20 year old guy. I think it would just be so awkward for me. I mean a 20 year old, you walk away thinking ‘Did I just do a newbie?’ I remember being a newbie and back then, there wasn’t really a thing for watching older women with younger girls so that’s been an adjustment for me.

And would it be awkward to have sex with younger guys because of their experience level?

Yeah, I would definitely say their experience level would be a factor. I mean, we all start somewhere, but I don’t wanna work with a 20 year old boy because its just not gonna be a strong scene. I don’t wanna have to guide them through the scene and have to deal with wood problems and things like that. Why would I wanna work with a 20 year old when I can work with somebody my own age, who does a rockin scene, knows how to angle me and you’ve already worked together before so there’s no surprise. It just sets up for a much stronger, smoother scene.

So if there was a young buck out there who really wanted to work with you, he would have to be superstar status, huh?

(laughs) yeah. There is one guy who looks like he’s 12 that everyone’s telling me I have to work with and I’m like, ‘This is a joke right?’ (laughs) I mean he’s obviously 18 but they dress him up and he looks like a 12 year old little boy and they purposely put him with tall, big breasted older women and I just don’t see that as being a sexy scene as much as I would laugh at it. I don’t wanna do a scene that people are laughing at as opposed to masturbating to. I mean, I saw it and I couldn’t find anything about it that turned me on in any kind of way. It just looked absolutely wrong when the guy is that much younger than the woman. Its crazy how things have changed. But I’ve put in my time in the trenches so I’ve earned my right to choose my male talent.

Have you ever heard of the Porn Name Game?

Yeah, where its like your dogs name and the street you grew up on…

Yeah, so based on the formula of your first name being based on your first pets name and your last name being based on the street you grew up on, what would your alternative porn name be?

Well, I would’ve had a great guys name. My dogs name was Buster and I grew up on Cochran Street. So I would’ve been Buster Cochran.

(laughs) That would be an amazing guy name. With a name like Buster, you would sound like you mean business, like you’re there to wreck shop!

Yeah, right! (laughs) I mean the ‘Cochran’ is just a strong masculine last name.

My name is similar as it would have been Storm Gaywood.

(laughs) Oh wow! You could’ve made a big name for yourself, just probably not in the chosen genre.

Now you have a legion of fans that follow you, but what’s something about yourself that no one would ever know about you unless you brought it up?

I’m pretty open on social media. I love going to the gym. I lost a ton of weight that I had put on in the 5 years I was on hiatus. I like hanging out with friends and going to movies. I’m real low key. I’m not into going to nightclubs. I mean, in my 20’s, sure, I was all about it. But you hit an age, I like spending time alone sometimes just turning off my phone and not dealing with anyone at all. All the Twitter and social media was new and just starting when I left the industry so its crazy getting used to seeing everyone having a platform to speak… and not all of it is nice.

Now you look like you’re in phenomenal shape so when you go to the gym are you just stopping traffic and getting mad stares and having dudes offering to ‘spot’ you with your squats?

(laughs) its crazy because I have a trainer, I’ve got my Beats (headphones) on and I do my 2 hours of cardio and my hour of training with him. So when I have my Beats on, I think I actually look mean and so people don’t even try to talk to me. That’s the only time I get to get out of my own head.  Then the 1 hour I’m training is with my trainer who is this huge, intense guy so people don’t try and walk up to me while I’m training with him. There’s a few other big names that go to that gym but I put up clips of my workouts with no makeup on Instagram for the fans to see because I think its cool to put up things other than pretty pictures. So one time my trainer was laughing after he filmed a workout and I asked him what he was laughing at and he said, ‘We’ll have to re-do that clip’ and I asked, ‘Why?’ and he said ‘I just filmed a guy come behind you and stared at your butt for a good 30 seconds and then tripped over his own feet when he was walking away.’ (laughs)  I think if he wasn’t there training me, I wouldn’t be as carefree at the gym.

Now what is your normal gym attire?

Since I’ve lost all this weight and reached where I used to be at, I don’t wear baggy sweatpants but I’m also not wearing things with my boobs hangin out…

Oooh (disappointed)…

(laughs)  I wear tiny yoga pants and a sports bra and I’ve always got my hair in a pony tail and no makeup. I always laugh at the girls who wear makeup to the gym (laughs) I’m all about sweating and when I leave the gym, you can tell I worked out.

So Briana’s like, ‘Ain’t nobody got time for foolishness, I’m here to work’

(laughs) I have to! I have scenes with 20 year old girls now!

I know you said you workout with the ice grill but are there still guys who still will through game despite the figurative sign on your face that says, ‘Do Not Approach’

Since I’ve been at the gym I’m at, I’ve had a crazy ex stalk me so I had to stop posting when I was going to the gym because he’d be there. I’ve had a couple meatheads try and approach me and before they could even get started I would hit’em with the ‘I have a boyfriend…go away’ Then I had one guy come up to me and say, ‘Hey Briana, I’m good friend with Manuel Ferrara…’ and I was like ‘What??’ I mean, that’s someone I’ve done scenes with but he has a wife and children. But I guess he thought that gave him a license to come up and talk to me but I guess he felt retarded after that that he just walked away. (laughs)

Maybe he thought you’d be like, ‘Oh you know Manuel?!! That’s all you had to say. You wanna go in the locker room and pound out a quick scene cuz I usually do that with people that I just met a few seconds ago…’

(laughs) And I don’t try and be mean but when I’m thinking something, its all over my face. Sometimes I give off really dirty looks that I don’t mean to. (laughs)

What is your guilty food pleasure?

Italian food. Anything Italian. Because I’m half Italian, I like anything like lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, stuff like that. But other than that, I enjoy eating healthy.  I can’t go to an Italian restaurant and order a salad. I’ll just be like, ‘Well, this just turned into my cheat day!’ (laughs)

Sometimes you gotta do that, you know. Especially nowadays when its all about #SlimThick, #ThickFit or #ThickFitChick, a  girls gotta eat. Don’t nobody want no ultra skinny girl…at least not on this end…

Yeah, now everyone’s got the big booties, and I’ve never been known for that.  So I have to have cheat days otherwise I’ll too thin for what’s in right now. I’m not ever gonna get butt implants or injections…and God bless the girls who do, nothing against the girls who do get them…but on my frame, it would look ridiculous. I’ve already got huge boobs to the point where I’m almost falling forward when I workout now. If my butt was a big as my chest, I don’t even know how I’d walk properly! (laughs)

Yeah, some of that stuff on IG is so over exaggerated, it doesn’t even look real

And they don’t want it to look real. I just have to arch super hard in my scenes and I can get there (laughs) But I’ve done scene with girls who have the implants and I feel like I haven’t hit puberty! I mean, I have no junk in my trunk. It was crazy cuz when I came back I was like, ‘When did everyone get behinds?!’ (laughs)  I told my trainer, ‘I wanna to lose weight and get smaller everywhere except my butt. I want my butt to get bigger.’ Everything else has shrunk and I’ve gained 2 inches in my behind but its all about your anatomy and my anatomy includes not having a huge butt.  So when you see some of these girls who have a waist as big as mine and a 40 inch ass, there’s no amount of squats you can do to get a butt like that. If I want a big ass, everything else is gonna  get bigger too.

Now when you do videos where you’re all oiled up, who is in charge of oiling you up? Is that a real job on set?

(laughs) I think it all depends on the director. I have a director where part of his whole scene is he has to oil your ass up with baby oil and then you have to bounce up and down and it’s a big part of his site. But yeah, he has to personally apply the oil and then you bounce up and down on the glasses that are on his face (laughs). Most of the time the girls do it themselves. But I’ve only been back 8 months and haven’t done that scene or feature where I have needed oil to be evenly and strategically placed

I’m just sayin, holla at ya boy when you’re in need…

(laughs) I’m trying to shoot a scene with Jesse Jane and I know Jules is all about the girls being oiled up so I will let you know when that happens and what my experience is.

If you two are doing a scene I’m showing up with 6 bottles of baby oil.


With all the fans you have, have you ever had an awkward run in with a fan?

Yes. The most awkward time was when I got veneers put in and they gave you Vikatin and laughing gas cuz it’s a pretty gnarly procedure. So my friend was waiting for me afterwards and we were walking… and you gotta remember my face is like numb, I’m drooling all over the place… and I noticed someone and told him, ‘I think that guy is following us.’ He was like, ‘No’  and I was like, ‘Watch’ So we make a right turn, and the guy makes a right turn. So we stopped and he approaches us and is like, ‘Sorry to bother you Briana but could I get a picture.’ And he hands the camera to my friend, who was just my friend, but for all he knew that could’ve been my boyfriend. I mean, who does that? Anyways, I’m drooling everywhere and it was pretty much the worst time to be recognized by a fan. So I ended up not giving him a picture but gave him an autograph cuz I didn’t know what I looked like plus I felt high as a kite.

Oh that would’ve been on the internet for sure. Like the Nick Nolte or James Brown mugshot…

Oh it would’ve been on TMZ in no time! Plus I had a hoody on. How much porn do you watch to recognize me in a hoody?!! (laughs)

What type of a sleeper are you?

My sleep has been off for a while because I feature danced for 10 years straight and danced 3 weeks out of the month because I was only shooting 6 movies a year. So I was up all night and slept all day. So after 10 years of that, I can’t go to bed till at least 11:30 pm or midnight and that’s me forcing myself to go to bed. I’ll naturally stay up till 2 in the morning but you can’t do that when you have an 8 am call time. So it’s a constant battle. So I’ll try and wear myself out during the day so I can go to sleep.  Sometimes I’ll be on Twitter late at night or early in the morning and a friend of mine will text me “Go to bed. Its one in the morning” (laughs)

What’s your usual sleeping attire?

I’m a buck naked kinda girl!

I’m gonna just let that marinate for a second…

(laughs) I cannot have clothes on. I get too hot. Even at night, I’ll wake up and kick all the covers off me. Yeah, no clothes for me. My sister used to make fun of me and tell me that I was gonna be caught buck naked outside one day during an earthquake when I had to leave the house and I said, ‘then I’ll just take that chance.’ (laughs) I can’t stand the feeling of clothes on when I sleep.

And that would be one lucky neighbor…

(laughs) My sister said she wouldn’t care just as long as I keep my nakedness in my bedroom and not around her boyfriend.  My sister got used to my nakedness and I didn’t really think about it because when you’re around naked people all the time you don’t think twice about it. But she would say, ‘Could TRY to put on a pair of underwear or a tanktop to get a glass water in the kitchen’ (laughs) I told her I would make a valiant effort (laughs)

If you could have any superpower, but that superpower could only be used in the bedroom during sex? What would it be and why?

Never run out of stamina. Always feel like you’re in high school in the bedroom

How often do you have an orgasm while performing?

I would say it depends on the performer. I just did my first anal scene when I came back in five years and it was with Manuel Ferrera and I hadn’t had an anal orgasm in so long that I actually peed on Manuel.  I mean, no shame in my game. I had a real orgasm and when you have a real orgasm, sometimes you lose control of other parts of your body.  For the most part I don’t like to fake it. I’m good but you can tell when somebody is faking it. I try to actually get off in my scenes, whether its something I need to do or my partner needs to do.  I don’t like to walk away from a  scene not having an orgasm because that means you weren’t that into it which means I gotta go home and finish myself off.  Its funny because I have this whole new generation of fans who are like, ‘I used watch you on my dads VHS’ but then none of the girls know who the fuck I am! (laughs)

How do you deal with the male bravado of what seems like, ‘I gonna come in here and show her whats up?’

I worked really hard for my stripes and if a girl thinks she’s gonna out do me in girl/girl/boy, I put her in her place real quick. Lets start with I have no gag reflex. I’m also pretty sure that I know some tricks that they don’t.


No, its not even like that but some girls are just disrespectful. People like me and Jenna (Jameson) and Jesse (Jane), and Tera (Patrick)…we paved the way and they don’t even realize what’s happening. That would be like me saying I had never heard of Jenna when I got into porn. I didn’t watch porn but I knew who the fuck Jenna was.  And for the guys, I mean when someone asks for your autograph before a scene, its just kind of a mood killer. You just know its about to be awkward for the next hour. But to be fair, a lot has changed. I’ve been in the industry since 1999, and I show up to set and still ask questions because everyone shoots differently.

So what projects do you have coming up?

I been shooting a lot for my website so I’ve been shooting non-stop scenes for the last month. I can’t wait to launch. But definitely look out for that. Newest releases out now include Manuel’s a Milf-O-Maniac by Jules Jordan which is my first anal which is out now. Prime Milf 3 by Hard X  and Dirty Talk 3 by Evil Angel which released June 15 and Evil Angel and Elegant Angel also will be releasing some footage of me but they’re waiting for nominantions to be announced so they can release for next year but I can’t wait because they’re some badass scenes. I’m just happy to be back and thank my fans for being so supportive and loyal and have been awesome on my social media.


IG: @BrianaBanksXoXo

Twitter: @BrianaBanksXoXo


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Check out my interview with Canadian model, Julia Oh, as we discuss the pressures of the modeling industry, things most people don’t know about her, what she gets complimented on the most, and her normal sleeping attire

So where were you born?

I was born in Toronto but I grew up in Mexico. I have a huge family in Mexico and was raised there. I came back to Toronto when I was 15.

Have you ever been to Los Angeles?

I was there last year for my 21st birthday. I would love to live there.

What was something about LA culture that you had to get used to?

I liked the LA vibe. I find the people are more relaxed there and I really enjoy that.  I’m a beach girl and I enjoyed that. Reminds me of Mexico. I love it down there. I think the warmth and beaches makes everyone happier.

We see Julia in the fun sexy modeling pics but take me back to Julia in high school. What clique did you run with?

(laughs) Interesting question. I was a cool girl back in Mexico. But I came back to Toronto in the 10th grade and I barely spoke English and people already had their cliques and sometimes aren’t too friendly at that age. But I did make friends

Being the new girl did you get a lot of attention?

Yeah, girls would come up like, ‘Hi! How are you? You’re so cute!’ and I would just smile because I was very shy and wasn’t too confident in my English…I could understand it, but was shy about speaking it.   Once they saw I didn’t speak English, they realized they couldn’t continue with the friendship.  The school was nice and the teachers were nice to me and by 12th grade I spoke perfect English and was friends with everyone. But the 10th grade was hard.

How did you get into modeling?

I never thought when I was younger that I would be a model. I waitressed for a little bit but ended up getting fired by the restaurant I was working with which was unexpected at the time. After that I decided to get into nightlife because I knew a couple club owners ad then I met photographers and I did some pay to party events and I met agents and then I started getting booked for projects. So it just sorta happened, it wasn’t planned by me, and I just went for it 100%.

And we’re all glad you did.

I’m thankful that it happened! (laughs)

How did your family react to you doing modeling?

When I first started, I was young and naïve, and I did a lot of sexy pictures and all of that, and my dad was not happy. (laughs)

When you did your first sexy shoot, were you nervous or nah?

I’ve always been comfortable in my body, so I wasn’t very shy about it.  In the beginning, I shot a lot of lingerie pictures because I that’s what a lot of the girls I met did and I didn’t really know where I was gonna  go with the modeling.  Now I have a clearer image in terms of what my image is, and now I stay away from those shoots unless they’re classy pictures.

So no longer just flaunting your stuff for free, huh

(laughs) Nope

Ever have a funny blooper that happened while trying to shoot?

I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen.

Is there a photoshoot that stands out as not one of your favorite shoots?

My early photoshoot pictures. I’ve gotten better with my makeup, hair, experience with lighting, my outifts were whatever I had in my closet, I was shooting with some random guy with a whatever camera in a room so they didn’t turn out that great.

With the way people post Instagram pics with girls with hugs booties or bodies that aren’t real, did you ever feel an industry pressure to get any work done one yourself. Not because you wanted to but because you felt you had to compete?

I have felt those pressures, 100%. I’ll sit with my friends and look through these pictures with all these beautiful girls but you can’t get caught up in that. I mean, there’s guys out there who like skinny girls and there’s guys out there that like thick girls, or big boobs, big bums, Asians, Latinas…I think there is a lot of pressure but I would love to bring girls together and  help them learn to love themselves. We’re all beautiful.

Have you ever played the Porn Name Game?

No (laughs)

It determines what your hypothetical adult star name would be based on a particular formula and that formula being: Your first name is based on the name of the first pet you had and your last name is based on the name of the street you grew up on. Based on that formula what would your adult star name be?

My name would Franklin Encino.

That would be a great mafia name but not so much a porn name…especially for a woman.


What’s something about yourself that no one would ever know about you if you never said anything about it?

I like writing songs. I’ve actually written 15 songs that I’d like to put music to or sell them. I just haven’t been in the industry enough to do as much as I want but I love writing.

What is a country you would love to visit that you haven’t been to.

I would love to go to Italy. I would love to do a whole tour and visit amazing cities and drink amazing wine.  I would just love to travel around Europe.

Are you a gym fiend or do you just have good genes?

I feel guilty saying this but I don’t really work out. I’m an active person but I don’t live in the gym. I like to stretch and dance.

What is Julia Oh’s musical jam right now!

I like Travis Scott. And I’m a huge Drake fan.

I was gonna say you gotta give it up for the hometown guy

I love him and know every single one of his songs!

Ever had an awkward encounter with a fan or follower?

I do bottle service at clubs and day clubs during the summer and people remember when I served them at those places. And I serve a lot of people everyday and I’ll meet people who are like, I follow you on Snapchat. But I have met some of followers so that’s cool.


What body part do you get complimented on the most?

My smile. I get compliments on my ass…although I don’t know if there compliments because especially when guys say it, it ends up sounding kinda raunchy. (laughs)

What’s your favorite body part on you?

I like my eyes.

What is the sensitive part on your body where if it gets touched or kissed, you’ll melt?

My neck is very sensitive. On the side. I like when a guy will brush the hair back and kiss the side of my neck.

That’s a smooth move right there…

Yeah, Yeah!! (laughs)

Have you ever had to fake pleasure to not hurt the feelings of your partner?

Yeah. Especially with my first time and my first boyfriend. I don’t think either of us knew what we were doing (laughs) And I thought that that (faking it) was what you were supposed to do. So I did that many times! (laughs)

I appreciate you being real. (laughs)

Guys don’t realize its not that simple. Especially the younger guys, they just want to go in there and get it over with whereas as a man gets older, he takes more pleasure and pride in pleasing a woman.

What type of sleeper are you?

I haven’t heard anyone tell me I snore or drool…I honestly don’t even think I move that much. I wake up in the same position I fell asleep in

What your sleeping attire?

I’ll go to bed naked. But if its cold, I like oversized t-shirts and that’s it.

You hear that guys…IF it gets cold, ONLY THEN will she put a shirt on. I’m gonna just let that marinate for a bit


If you could have any superpower but that superpower could only be used in the bedroom, what would be that superpower be and why?

Good question. I would want to have super strong legs so that I wouldn’t get tired.

What projects do you have coming up that your fans and followers can look for you in.

I’m working every Saturday night and the newest, biggest club in Toronto, “REBEL”. We’ve had a lot of Americans coming thru because of the exchange rate.  I’m also going to be working on my music. So look out for that.



SNAPCHAT: @JulyyOrozcco


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