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Everyone has that friend that always seems to just be winning in life. They hang out with celebrities, have crazy stories to tell, get into exclusive spots…you know, they’re just L-I-V-I-Ning. But most of the time you just get to hear about those stories, you’re never part of them. Well the title of “Winningest Dude I know” goes to the homie Ramiro Villafuerte CEO of Somnium Life and Ramiro Productions. I mean, the dude runs an agency with some of the hottest current and up and coming models in the game. This is the man that has blessed my blog with the likes of Trista Mikail, Pamela Mercedes and Stefani Anastasia. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of this all star agency because just when you thought it couldn’t get better, he hits you with ** cue up the DJ Khaled sound bite** ANOTHER ONE!

Yes sir, he dropped another heat rock on me straight from across the pond by way of New Castle, UK (That’s United Kingdom) and she goes by the name of Katie Williamson…definitely one of the UK’s hottest exports. Its just a matter of time before her face becomes mainstream. But despite drop dead gorgeous looks and enough curves on a body that it should come with a “Dangerous” sign, she’s just a humble girl from New Castle.

So sit back and listen up as I talk to Katie about British and American accents, how her co-workers feel about her modeling and her stance on facial hair for guys. 


Have you ever been to Los Angeles?

I have not.

Obviously here in the United States, we can tell someone who is from the UK by their accent, but I’ve always wondered, do Americans have an accent to the British? Is there such thing as an American accent?

Yeah you do. I mean when I went to Houston for the Superbowl, I heard a Texan accent so I can tell the difference between a Texan accent and a Los Angeles accent. I know I’ve run into people here in the U.S. who will say, “Oh you’re from England? How’s London?” and I’m like, “I’m not from London...”

 OOOOOOOOOOh!!! So basically you’re saying don’t disrespect where I’m from, I don’t know nuthin about no London cuz that’s not what you claim!


Now whenever Americans here a British accent, they love it. Some find it sexy. Do the British find American accents sexy?

I think so but I think it depends on where you are. Like when I come over and I’m the only British person in a group, everyone is like, “(Gasps) Say this, say that…” I know I used to have a guy who worked with me who was Canadian and I used to ask if he knew Justin Bieber (laughs). But yeah they can find it sexy.

So if anyone heads to the web, you can see the amazing pics you take which has obviously contributed to your growing stardom., But take me back for a minute to Katie back in high school. What clique did you roll with when you were in high school? It was probably the pretty girl clique, huh?

No certainly not! I was pretty neutral, I got along with everyone. I was a bit of an ugly duckling in school…

Noooooo! Don’t tell me that! I’ll never believe it! You can tell me that but I’ll never believe it…

No I swear! I really was…like the complete opposite. No, I definitely was the big popular prom queen. I definitely developed later in life and turned into a bit of a swan (laughs)

So do you have the people from school who now see what you blossomed into and try and hit you up to hang out, when they weren’t really your friend back then? 

Yeah…that comes with the territory. But its all good. It’s funny because I got into modeling by accident. I got asked to do a shoot for free and the main people who were calling me names and commenting on my first shoots are the main ones liking my photos now. But that comes with the territory. But I don’t hold grudges (laughs)

You are a better person than I, cuz I most certainly would…


So how old were you when you started?

I was 17 and just did some clothes stores and when I hit 18, that’s when I could do more lingerie and sexier shoots like that. And that’s where things kinda took a turn…

I wonder why?! I mean, have you seen you in lingerie?

(laughs) But that’s when I realized that modeling was something I really enjoyed doing.

So you may have enjoyed it, but what was the reaction at home with your parents having their little girl doing such sexy shoots?

It was never too bad. I’m an only child though so my dad was more like, “settle down” or “Stop that...” but I never did anything bad or anything like that. I think they’re just happy I haven’t done anything nude! (laughs)

Now I know you travel a lot but when you do come back to your home town, Are you seen as Katie this international model or just Katie from the block? 

Definitely not Katie the international model. My friends would knock me down if that ever happened. They are literally those kind of people that would say, “Shut up, get a grip!” if for one second I started to think I was better than anyone.

Do they ever take advantage of your celebrity? Get into clubs, get drinks for free? 

Well, being that I’m from New Castle and that I’ve been in the modeling environment since I was 18, I don’t think it has to do with celebrity as much as a “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” type of town.

You don’t think it has anything to do that you’re a beautiful human being?

(laughs embarrassed) Oh my gosh…

It’s okay, you can play the humble role and I’ll brag on you. Cuz if I was a bouncer or single guy in New Castle and you rolled up to the door, you and your friend are for sure getting in and getting drinks paid for…just sayin’


Tell me about your first sexy shoot. Were you nervous or did you just jump right into it?

I was quite nervous. But also all the girls around me had big boobs and I was never like that but people always seemed to comment on my look, especially the blue eyes and dark hair, so once I saw what people focused on and wanted, it became a bit easier. But I was definitely nervous at first.

Did you ever feel pressure from the industry to get ever get anything done?

I never felt pressure, it was just something I always wanted done. I’m never gonna be some tiny little stick thin girl…that’s just not me. I’m definitely a bit curvier. So when I got my boobs done, I just felt like I fit that much more into my body. But I never felt I desperately needed to get anything done, it was just something I wanted to do for me.

I’ll just let you know, it looks all good from over here. Now of all the shoots you’ve done, what’s one that you look back on and are like, ‘This was not one of my better shoots…’

Probably the ones when I was in Mallorca and I had hair blonde. I’m actually a natural blonde…

Really? I did not know that…

Actually I’m very blonde. But I just remember not feeling like myself. I look at the photos and I’d have looked so much better if I’d had my dark hair.

What’s the funniest blooper to happen to you on a photoshoot?

I was just in Montreal doing a head rush shoot and they brought all the sample bits and they also brought some body suits but they were all extra small.

I already like where this is going…

(laughs) well, my boobs just were not havin it! I tried to pose but because the body suit was so tight, the button on the bottom of the body suit burst open and I was in a room full of people and…it just all came out! (laughs)

So they got more of an eyeful than they had bargained on.

Yes. (laughs)

Now see why can’t I ever be an assistant on these kinda shoots, like for real…


So when you do a shoot where you get oiled up with baby oil or whatever, is there a designated oil up guy on set or what? Because if it is, I’m messin up in life?

(laughs) Honestly, I think I put it on myself

Oh…booooo! Cuz I was about to send it a resume to you if you needed a designated guy…

(laughs) I’ll keep that in mind next time I have shoot with baby oil.

That’s all I ask. Even though you’re young, you’ve had some success. What is some advice you would give to young women trying to break into this hyper-competitive industry…something you wish someone would have told you when you were first starting?

One…be thick skinned. Sometimes the hardest critics are women, not the men. Two…its not real. When I say that I mean, everyone thinks modeling is so glamourous and easy and everyone is perfect all the time. Models are normal people too. If you’re serious, its not something people do for an hour or two on the side, its hard work.

Ever held a regular job?

I’ve had plenty of regular jobs. I’ve done bottle service in clubs which is a job I feel everyone does when they get out of high school. It was just an easy option. But it was fun. I was an event planner at a restaurant in New Castle. I liked having a normal job because it kept me busy.

How has that worked with your travel schedule as a model? Were they okay if you just had to roll out or a shoot?

The places I’ve worked at have definitely been great and accomodating with what I do. But there’s know way I do a sales job or something intense because there’s no way I could do both. I have a very corporate job at the moment and at first, I didn’t tell people about modeling because sometimes, especially women, can get a bit bitchy. And its usually the older women that are the worst! (laughs). But now everyone’s found out and they’re fine with it.

Now what’s something about you that your fans or followers would never know about you unless you said something about it?

I’m pretty good at art. I’m good at painting and drawing and stuff like that. I think that comes out a lot in the fact that I do makeup for people on the side. Otherwise I’m quite boring. But I don’t hold anything back from people so they pretty much know everything about me.

You’ve traveled around the globe doing shoots. What city or country are you dying to get to that you have not visited yet?

Los Angeles or Vegas…

Really?! Well you could do both in the same trip…lets get it done. Now you’re known for your curves but do you stay working out all the time or are those just God given genes from mom and dad and you’ve never worked out a day in your life?

I go through phases. I’ll go through phases where I’m so into the gym and wanna go all the time but I definitely don’t deprive myself of anything! (laughs) Like not at all. If I’ve been out all day, I’m not goin to the fuckin gym in the hotel! (laughs)

Yeeeeeah! This is the Katie I’m talkin about! Just keepin it real!


What’s your guilty food pleasure?

That’s hard…hmmm. Probably steak. (laughs)

A girl after my own heart! Nice! Now when I come out to the UK, what is a traditional UK dish that I have to have?

A proper, traditional Sunday roast. It’s everything you need in life…

I mean when you were saying roast, I could see you staring off thinking about that like, ‘I want one right now…’

(laughs) I was trying to think of something really British. Also Yorkshire pudding and gravy…like proper gravy. I found it strange when I went to Texas and the gravy was white and thin. I was like, ‘We don’t have that’.

Have you ever had Chicken and waffles?

I’ve heard of it but I haven’t had it.

Well, when you come to LA, you need to go to a place called Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. That’s my British sunday roast. And make sure you get it there otherwise you might get some imitation and wonder what I was talking about.

Ok, I will do that. There’s a place in London called The Duck and Waffle.


It’s a restaurant that serves duck and waffles for breakfast. So maybe that’s the closest thing we have.

I will also have to try that. Are you a big karaoke person?

Oh no! I’m not a singer

Katie! C’mon…

No I don’t. I’m really strange like that. I don’t sing in the shower. I don’t sing in the car. It’s a bit weird.

What about when you and your friends are out and they’re belting out lyrics from your favorite song, you’re just in the corner being quiet?

(laughs) depends on how drunk I am! (laughs)

OOOOOH, okay! Now we’re talking. So what is your jam right now?

I’d have to say “Slippery” by Migos.


That song will get you in a certain mood. When it comes on, I just need to hear the first tiny bit of it and I’m like, “Shit...” like I wasn’t planning on dancing but now they’re gonna make me dance. (laughs)

Yes! Now after a long day of shooting or a long fun night out with your friends, when its time to go to bed, what type of a sleeper are you?

Honestly, I’m not bad at all. I don’t snore at all. I breathe through my nose so I don’t have a big open mouth with dribbling going on.

So you sleep like an angel like the people on the mattresses…in fact you probably float a couple inches off the bed when you go to sleep


What’s your usual sleeping attire?

Usually just boy shorts and a sports bra because they keep my boobs together which is much more comfortable.

That’s important indeed. Now when you’re in a relationship, how important is it that your significant other is a good kisser?

Its important. I mean you can go out on a date but a kiss is usually the first thing that will let you know if you like them or not. It can be a deal breaker if they’re not a good kisser.

Have you experienced some not so good kissers?

I feel like every girl has come across someone like that.

What makes a bad kisser to you?

A sloppy kiss…I don’t like that. Also, I’m kinda weird in that I don’t like beards at all. I like stubble, I find that hot, but a beard fully coming off your face…just put it like this, I ain’t putting my face there!

OOOOOH! She said “I ain’t putting my face there!” (laughs) You’re too funny! But that’s interesting…

I like really groomed guys. Some girls like a rugged beard I definitely go for more of a pretty boy, well groomed guy. And I don’t necessarily have a type but I’m just not really into hairy beards and chests.

Ever had an awkward run in with a fan?

No…although some was pretending to be me on something and a guy thought he was talking to me, but it wasn’t me.

Whoa! That’s no Bueno…like sorry dude, you just got catfished…


What’s the craziest thing a fan has requested from you?

Oh God, I’ve had quite a lot. The usual creepy guys ask for things like socks and underwear. I had a guys offer 20,000 pounds to go to dinner and he was willing to pay a deposit and everything.

What body part do you get complimented on the most?

My eyes.

What body part are you most proud of on you?

Probably my eyes. That’s something people always pick up on. Because they’re not just blue, they’re bluey green.

Is Bluey Green an official color?

(laughs) Yeah!

If you could have any superpower but that superpower could only be used in the bedroom, what would that power be and why?

That’s a very unusual question. Just not something you think about on a daily basis. (laughs)

I mean, is it a case of you do know and you just don’t wanna let the full freak out

I just can’t think of any superpowers. I mean I wouldn’t wanna set people on fire…

Whoa! although that could be hot…pun intended… I mean are you talkin literally or cuz you got skills like that that people just burst into flames…

(laughs) I mean I don’t wanna be killin people!

Ever had a funny bedroom blooper?

I fell through a bed once.


Broke the bottom of it.

That’s when you’re putting in work right there. I can say I’ve never heard that answer before. I see how things go down in the UK! You’re on another level

(laughs) Or it just means we got pretty shitty beds here. (laughs)

What projects do you have coming up so for your fans?

Been speaking with my Ramiro and my team and trying to get things sorted out. With things creeping up towards Christmas, things are getting more intense and serious but I’m looking to get some things set up for early next year and possibly will be in Detroit on New Years Eve if I can work it in my schedule.

Thanks for taking the time to do this 

Thanks for having me.


INSTAGRAM: @katiewilliamson_


WEBSITE: www.somniumlifestyle.com
IG: @somniumlife



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Argentina is known for the Tango, producing world class elite soccer players including two of the greatest futbol players in the history of the sport in Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi and for amazing food. Well, they are about to add another thing they’ll be known for in the near future and she goes by the name of Shera.

You know she’s destined for greatness as we look at other one name stars throughout history: Cher, Beyoncé, Shakira, Rhianna and Madonna. None of those women are hurting in the stardom department. The latest South American product is definitely a triple threat as a singer, dancer and…fitness instructor.

Shera continues to melt mics in the booth and your computer screen with her incredibly sexy videos, she has been tearing through the fitness industry as an instructor and US Ambassador for The Jungle Body (www.thejunglebody.com) which is just one way she maintains that insane body.

So listen up as I speak with the Argentinian sensation who now calls LA home about her love for singing and dance, dating in LA, and what she misses most about home.

When you first came to Los Angeles, what was one of the first things you had to get used to about Los Angeles culture? 

The fact that everybody was so nice! (laughs) Being from Argentina, and also having traveled, I’ve noticed that Argentinians tend to be a little warmer in terms of greeting each other, hugging, talking closer whereas English people tend to be a little more distant. So when I got to LA, people would come up and hug me like, (in high pitched excited voice) “Oh my God, how are you?!!” and I was like, “Is this real or what?” (laughs) But I loved it! And it was real. LA actually feels like Buenos Aires, it feels like home to me. Just something about the city just got me.

You’re obviously multi talented in that you sing, dance and act. but I know you are passionate about singing and dancing. Which one did you start doing first? 

My mom was singer so I’m pretty sure I knew I was going to sing. But I’ve also always loved dance. Going all the way back to when I was 2 years old, my family used to call me “monkey” because they couldn’t control me! (laughs) I was always jumping around everywhere and running around. So they didn’t know what to do with so around 5 years old they put me in gymnastics class and around 7 years old, they actually wanted me to train for the Olympic team.



Yeah! But I didn’t because I’d have to train 8 hours a day and it was a lot and Argentina at the time didn’t have a lot of sponsorship. So my mom said no. And at the time, I hated her for not letting me go but looking back, I’m glad she didn’t. But eventually I got involved in musical theatre in school and did that for about 6 or 7 years and did ballet, jazz, tap , hip hop and I just kinda knew this is what I wanted to do. I can’t just pick one, I love doing both!

So once you started pursuing singing and dancing full time and started doing videos and things like that, did you get hit up by some of your friends you grew up with back in Argentina trying to cash in on your up and coming star status? 

At 15 I knew I wanted to leave Argentina and pursue my career. At 17, I finished school and literally grabbed my things and left. nd my friends even told me how much he admired me because he said “while everyone else was partying, you literally grabbed your things and left and chased what you wanted.” And it was hard because a lot of people were like, “What are you gonna do? It’s another country, you don’t know anybody there, you don’t have any friends there…” and I think a lot of people thought I would try for a little bit and then come back to Argentina. But I’m a hard worker and yes, of course you have days that are up and days that are down but overall, I’m making progress and doing something I love which a lot of people can’t say they are doing. But yeah, I’ll get random people from back home hitting me up and I’m like, “Whaaat???” (laughs) It can be funny.

So being a dancer, do you ever watch a show like Dancing with the Stars and critique the dancers when they do an Argentine Tango since you know a good Argentine Tango when  you see it. 

You always kinda judge. On some programs you’ll be like, “Eh…” but on Dancing with the Stars, they are all badass. They kill it. But its not exactly the same because the show is very ballroom whereas back home, there nothing more beautiful than going to Buenos Aires and having some old man start playing and having people just pop up and dance. You won’t see that anywhere else in the world. It’s pretty amazing. If you want to see what I’m talking about, you can watch my video Tango…

I love how you already got the plug in there…

(laughs). Exactly. Well, I filmed it in Buenos Aires in La Boca. We had an amazing crew that included 4 am shoots but it was amazing and so much fun.

What food do you miss having from Argentina?

My dad’s barbeque. You can’t imagine what it was like to wake up on a Sunday morning to that smell…ooooooh my God! I’d be sprinting outside and he’d be waiting outside with a steak sandwich with all the salads…oh my gosh I’m getting hungry right now. (laughs) That’s what I miss for sure.

What’s the funniest blooper to happen to you during a singing or dance performance?

For my of one videos, Caliente, we were filming at the beach and it was windy that day and I had this dress on and…lets just say there were always parts “popping” out. Also during that shoot you can’t imagine how much sand I ate but always had to keep that face like everything was great even though I had probably eaten like a kilo of sand. (laughs) My little brother was filming and we laughed about it!

So being that you’re an attractive Argentine artist, I know you’ve gotten game thrown at you in Argentina and here in the States…specifically Los Angeles. What the difference, if there is one, between how guys approach girls in Argentina versus Los Angeles?

Ooooooh! You are not asking me that! (laughs) I mean, Argentinians have their own charm…and they always think they know it all. The guys there tend to have this swag and think they are amazing! (laughs)

I thought that was universal because…well, I think I’m awesome…are you saying you don’t think the same?

(laughs) Oh no, of course you are. (laughs) Well, it all depends on where you are. For instance when I was in London, girls would go crazy over Latin Americans and I was like, ‘How could you?’ and they would ask me ‘Oh you like English guys?’ and I would be like, ‘They’re just different.’ In my experience, English guys seemed like more gentlemen nd seemed to be a little more distant in terms of not being up on you and I think that’s just a cultural thing. And maybe its just we want what we can’t have or what we’re not used to. In LA, well…(laughs)…I don’t wanna say anything that’s gonna get me in trouble…(laughs)

Well, you already put it out there…

(laughs) I’ll just say LA dating is hard. There are some beautiful people here but its hard because of egos and schedules. But I love the people here in LA. I love their charm and people for the most part are happy and have good energy. I love that. But having said that, you’ll have a lot of guys be what I call the ‘two week wonder’ . 

Changing things up a bit, tell me how you got involved in dance instruction and started your class?

Jungle Body is the program I teaching here in the US. It’s an Australian company but I’m the first instructor here and the US Ambassador. I’ve always loved fitness and dancing but I never approached like a business. And the funny thing is they found me through Instagram! I had started posting videos really just for me to see my own progress because when it comes to fitness here in LA, the people in LA are badass! (laughs). So they approached me and old me what it was and when I saw it, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I think I just found the perfect match for me. The perfect combination of dance and fitness.’ I mean, I spend hours in dance studios anyways so I might as well get paid for doing a job I love, right?!! (laughs) The one thing I was worried about was if it would take too much time away from my singing career. But they assured me I could do it at my own pace so I learned the class and searched for a studio where I could teach, which took a minute, but I ended finding a studio and now I’m teaching full time 5 times a week in different studios. And the feedback I’m getting is AMAZING! Last year it was just me but I’m growing the team so I love it.

Well, sounds like everything is going well and I know your followers and fans can expect big things from you in the near future

Thank you so much and thanks for having me.


INSTAGRAM: @Sole.Basaldua
TWITTER: @Sole_Basaldua


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Ramiro Villafuerte has done it again. The CEO of Ramiro Productions and Owner of Somnium Life is known for working with some of the hottest talent in entertainment and has an eye for up and coming talent. Last year I did an interview with his client, Trista Mikail, who at the time had under 1000 IG followers. Today, she’s crushin it in Los Angeles as her modeling career has skyrocketed and, at the time of this post, boasts about 526K followers on IG…and climbing.

One of  Ramiro’s newest clients is no exception. Meet Stefani Anastasia the next Somnium superstar in the making.

The half Italian / half Trinidadian model has been burning up IG screens with her sexy fitness and glamour pics displaying her infectious smile and out-of-this-world (yet real) curves.

So sit back and listen as I talk to the brown eyed beauty (among other things) about getting into modeling, her sleeping attire and her guilty food pleasure.

Being that you’re a model from British Columbia (Canada) and have traveled all over the world, what was one of the first things you had to get used to about Los Angeles culture when you visited for the first time?

Well, I’ve only been to LA once! (laughs) I still live in Vancouver but I loved it. Of course I love all the glitzy areas but I also love that there’s something always goin’ on. Don’t get me wrong, I love Vancouver but its not always exciting.

I’ve heard amazing things about Vancouver so that’s definitely somewhere I want to visit.

Its nice, but when you live here I guess you kinda look at it differently.

Well if anyone takes a 30 second glance at your Instagram page, its obvious to see that you take amazing pictures and that fitness and health are a big part of your life. But take me back to Stefani in high school for a minute, what was the clique you ran with in high school?

(laughs) I was in the cool / pretty girl group but wasn’t mean. I was nice to everyone. I’d get invited to all the parties but I wasn’t in the VERY top group. High school was fun and good to me. I never had any issues or anything.

So you weren’t the type in high school to be like, ‘Never look at me directly in the eyes…”

(laughs) Nooo! Never not at all…I’ve never been like that and I’m not like that now. I’m just a chill, down-to-Earth person. I’ve never thought just because in someone else’s opinion I may be attractive that makes me better than anyone or would allow me to treat people a certain way other than nice.

So fast forwarding from high school, how did you get into the whole modeling / fitness arena? Is that something you always wanted to do or is it something you kinda fell into? 

I started working out when I was 15 and started doing fitness when I was 19 and I did really well. To be honest, it seemed to come easy for me. I was winning competitions early on and I have to thank having good genetics along with working hard.  Also, I’m five feet tall, so I thought that I was too short to be a model…of any kind. But now there are niche markets so that’s definitely opened up opportunities for people like me.

I mean its not like you’re strugglin’ in the curves or face department so you seem to be doin alright…

(laughs) Thanks. I’ve never been one to show off. I mean, yes, I post pics now and “show off” but its my job, I just don’t do it to do it. But for a long time I kept my fitness on the downlow until I started to see people making careers out of what I was already doing for free. So I said why not take advantage of the opportunity out there. I also think having a humble attitude has helped my success.

Now in this Instagram world we live in of artificial small waists, thick thighs and big booties, do you get haters commenting that “she’s not real…”

Well, most people know my curves are real because I have the legs to back it up. But will admit that some angles or poses can make it (booty) really look…poppin (laughs) but if you see me in real life, you’d know I’m not fake.

As a certified bootyologist, I know the real from the fake…


Now when you really started to take advantage of the social media aspect of the business and started posting fitness and a modeling pics, how did that go over with the fam bam?

My mom is my biggest supporter. She told me that I work hard, have a great body and that I should pursue the career. My sisters are a little more modest in that they’ve never posted any pics of their body so they always wondered what was the purpose of what I was doing. They felt it was more for attention. But to be fair, I don’t think they saw the bigger picture. For me, it wasn’t about attention. I don’t really care what people think or say, I don’t need people’s affirmation to make me feel better. It was more of a chance to build something based on what my look is. So yeah, my sisters were a little weird about it but my mom was cool with it. And I’ve always been a little different. I mean, parading around in a bikini and gettin’ oiled up is something that they would never do, but hey, I have fun! (laughs).

Nuthin wrong with that!  Now because your career has blossomed and you’ve had some success, when you go back to Vancouver, are you seen as Stefani the model or just still Stefani from the block?

When I go home, I’m still viewed as normal. But some people are curious as to why I’m always traveling and things like that. But I know they’re watching me. (laughs)

You are very comfortable with your body…as you should be…but when you first got into modeling, what was the first sexy shoot you did? And how did you feel? Were you nervous or were like “Lets Do this!”? 

The only thing I was nervous about was if the pictures would go over the line. Because once a photographer takes the pics, he kinda owns them, right? You can sign the model release but at the same time, I just didn’t want him to have pictures of me that I wasn’t comfortable having posted. Plus, I was worried about how the photos would turn out…all the different angles and everything. And honestly, the first shoot I did, when I look back on it now, its hilarious! The shots were not that good! (laughs)

Of all the shoots you’ve done is there one hat stands out as your least favorite? 

Probably that first one. The lighting was awful and I think it was because the photographer focused on doing more creative nudes so the lighting was more artsy and shadowy and…it just didn’t look good at all. The editing wasn’t good either so I was like, ‘I’m just not gonna post any of these.’ (laughs)

What’s the funniest blooper to happen to you on a shoot?

Definitely a wardrobe malfunction. It was one of my favorite shoots I’ve done that was in Vegas. I was wearing this dress that was see-thru so you couldn’t wear any panties but the way I was posing you couldn’t see anything anyway. But during the shoot, I kept shifting or the photographer would say, ‘Move your leg this way…’ and it got to a point where he was like, ‘Yeah, the last 10 frames are full frontal nudity.’ and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s lovely…‘ (laughs)

Earlier you referred to having good genetics. So how much of the Stefani goodness is attributed to being blessed from mom and dad and how much of it is you hittin the gym?

No… if I let it go, its pretty average. So when I do what i’m supposed to do and workout and eat right, it can look good, but if I don’t do what I’m supposed to do,  it can also go the other way and I can become very bottom heavy and thick…and not in a good way! So bottom line, I have to eat right and I have to be in the gym.

What advice would you give young women looking to get in the industry? Perhaps information you wish someone would have told you when you were getting started.

There’s a lot of people trying to do the same thing so be you. Whatever your look is or whatever is unique about you, you gotta go with that. Because people don’t wanna see the same thing over and over again, they wanna see somethin’ new. Also, for me, I had to let go of caring what other people said and thought because there’s gonna be haters as soon as you start to do well or do anything different from what you were doing before.  Once you put it out there that you want to go after your goal, in between you working for it and making it, people are going to be watching you to see you fail. So don’t have the idea that everyone’s going to be happy for you when you do well because they won’t.

So since you have gained some success, have you had people coming out the wood work trying to be homie-homie with you? Like people you haven’t talked to since Kindergarten or high school?

Yup!  All the time! And sometimes those would be the main people hatin’ on you. But once you start to do good, now they’re ‘on your team‘. I’m not down with that so most of the time when it comes to those people, I’m like, ‘no thanks, I’m good

Have you ever had a regular job?

For sure! I was a personal trainer. I also owned a meal packing company, basically healthy meals that got delivered to your door. So I was still in the fitness industry but always kinda worked for myself. I liked having a random schedule, I don’t like working 9-5. It would drive me nuts to be doing the same thing all the time.

What something about you that people would never know about you unless you said something about it?

I really like cooking which ties into the reason of why I love food. Ad I don’t eat boring food all the time. I’m Italian and Trinidadian so everyone always comes together for food, so food is a big part of my life. But I’ve learned to adapt healthy recipes from both sides.

I love a girl who likes to eat! Gotta keep some meat on those bones! When’s the next family get together because I will be there with an open heart and appetite.


Along those lines, what is your guilty food pleasure?

Probably pasta and really good Italian food. But it has to be really good. And of course, fried food that’s crappy for you. I couldn’t have it everyday but I do love some every now and then! (laughs)

Where is a country or city that you have NOT previously visited, that you are dying to get to?

Somewhere like Dubai or Morocco. I love sun and beaches and Dubai has that plus its got that luxury side to it.

Are you a big car or shower singer or dancer in the house when no one is around?

I cannot dance…

NOOOOOO! Don’t tell me that…

Sorry to disappoint you! (laughs) I can dance a little, I just don’t like to. I got a little bit of a groove but I’m not really a dancer. I just chill. But of course the second I tell people I can’t dance, it becomes their mission to make me dance! (laughs)

So you just kinda keep it simple at a two step like Will Smith told Kevin James in ‘Hitch‘…

Even picturing that makes me uncomfortable (laughs)

So obviously next time you’re in LA we’ll be hittin up the club right away.

And I’ll just be chillin, drinkin Tequila (laughs)

So after Miss Stefani comes home from a long day of shooting, I know your fans wanna know, what type of a sleeper is Stefani Anastasia?

I’m the perfect sleeper. I don’t do anything when I sleep. I don’t snore. I sleep like like an angel.

You’re not a violent sleeper? You don’t flail your arms or toss or turn or anything?

Nope. Sorry to disappoint. (laughs)

Whats usually Stefani’s sleeping attire?

Okay so here’s the only weird thing I do…

Yes! Please do tell…

I have to sleep with socks on. My feet always freeze so I have these socks that I wear to bed. If I don’t put them on, I’ll get up in the middle of the night and go get them otherwise it’ll keep me up, because my feet will be like ice cubes. Besides that, I usually sleep in the ugliest clothes possible like a huge sweater and sweatpants.

So you do these sexy shoots and then come home and essentially let yourself go…

(laughs) Pretty much. I look like a hobo when I go to sleep.

Because you do have a big internet presence, ever had an awkward run in with a fan?

Not yet. Maybe a girl might come up to me who follows me on Instagram but nothing weird yet.

So no random dudes just approaching you in the gym like, ‘Wassup girl!’

Oh God no! I literally walk around the gym with the worst look on my face (laughs)

What body part do you get complimented on the most?

My legs and my booty

What body part do you like about you?

Probably the same thing…


(laughs) Growing up I hated my legs because all the white girls had skinny legs and mine were huge and I used to think ‘What’s wrong with me?’ But now everyone likes thicker, stronger legs, but growing up, I was very self-conscious of that. There were boys in my class who would literally be like, ‘Your legs are so big!’ and I was like, ‘There’s nothing I can do about it.’

Okay so we talked about the stuff that bonehead dudes will come up and say to you in a bar or try and talk to you in the gym when you’re working out, but what about that one dude who has game and gets through Stefani’s defense wall. He seems cool and you guys hit it off. What is the weak spot on your body that makes you melt?

That’s gonna be a secret! (laughs)

OOOOOOH! Okay, I tried for the fans, but she’s gonna be all coy…I see how it is!


Lastly, what can your fans be looking out from in the near future?

A lot of stuff tends to come up last minute. I have talks of a shoot in Australia and I have a shoot in Brazil coming up. So definitely have some things brewing so everyone just stay tuned!


Snapchat: luv.stefani
Instagram: @LuvStefani
Twitter:  @LuvvStefani
Facebook: Stefani Anastasia
WEBSITE: www.somniumlifestyle.com
IG: @somniumlife


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In today’s world of Instagram, selfies and #SquatLife, its seems like the booty is reigning supreme. Every girl wants to show off how round and plump her backside. Well, I wantto take it back for a minute to a time when boobs reigned supreme and what better ambassador for that than the one and only Antonella Kahllo. If you don’t know her…you’re about to get an up close and personal intro to the busty pin-up. The Ecuadorian hottie has been burning up the pages of magazines and computer screens for sometime and she shows no signs of slowing down…and neither do her boobs (she was last measured at a 32K cup). But the thing that separates Antonella is that where most women that large may be embarrassed or try to hide their assets, she revels in them, never missing an opportunity to show them off. So take a read as I talk with Miss A to the K about her cooking skills, becoming a pin up model, and what else people notice about her other than her Grand Tetons.
What was the first thing you had to get used to about Los Angeles when you came here?
The first time I arrived to Los Angeles  years ago, I really had to get used the freeways and the traffic. When we were driving back from LAX to OC, I was in shock about the amount of cars on the freeway during rush hour, it was quite intimidating. Back in Ecuador, we didn’t have large freeways.
You’re known as a busty pin-up model. You obviously noticed when your boobs were getting bigger but how did your family and friends react when they started to notice? 
I was really a late bloomer. My boobs only started growing the last 5 years and my family couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. My mom suggested I visit a doctor because she thought that was not normal (laughs). I had to explain to my mom that once I gain weight, it all goes to the girls…thank God! (laughs)  My nieces and nephews all got used to Tia Antonella’s boobs. In fact, last weekend when I bent down to say goodbye to my 2 year old nephew, he started pointing and yelling “2 balls” and then we all started laughing. (laughs) Looks like he is going to be a boobman too. (laughs)
Do you have any brothers?
Yes, I have one brother and two sisters.
How did they react to their sister’s… “growth”?
My brother he just shakes his head, (just like everybody else does) and my sisters believe it or not they are very busty as well. But I’m the biggest. My older sister actually calls me “TETONA”
 Do big breasts run in your family or is it just you?
YES YES YES! (laughs)  My sisters have big gazoongas as well as my mom… but they are not as big as I am.
Does each one of you breast have its own name or are they a package? If they have names, please tell, I wouldn’t want to disrespect them…
Of course I baptized my gazoongas… are you ready for their names? Pepita and Pupita (laughs)
Tell me about the first time you did a sexy modeling shoot? Were you nervous or were you ready to jump into modeling?
My first photoshoot was for PinupFiles.comthat was my first ever photoshoot—and it was an AMAZING experience! It actually took 2 years from the first time I had a conversation with the owner until I agreed to go for it. A lot was going on in my life and I wanted to wait until I was ready to give this new career my full focus. I was honored that they were so enthusiastic, and all the people there are SUPER-PROFESSIONAL! I have been contacted by many “big-name” websites and magazines along the way, but no other group can compare in terms of quality and integrity. I am very proud of my work with PinupFiles.com and my pictures and videos will be coming out on a regular basis. Sign-up now!!! (laughs)
Funniest blooper that’s happened while on a  photoshoot?
I was doing a shoot where I was suppose to be a hitchhiker on an old country road and I was posing with my hand on my hip and my thumb out. We hadn’t seen anybody for a good hour plus, and then out of nowhere a truck going pretty fast rounded the corner, I locked my eyes with the driver and before I knew it he slammed on his brakes and jumped out of his truck. This guy was an old cowboy who looked like he’d spent the last 70 years in the sun, and he yells “Honey, I will take you anywhere you wanna go until the day I die!” My photographer and I started laughing so hard we spent the next half hour hanging out with my new friend listening to stories about all of the loves he had lost along the way. But he left with a big smile!
What advice would you give girls getting started in the business to have a successful career?
First, lets define what “Business” you are talking about. These days of cam models, twitter and social media , a pornstar is born every minute around the world and it does make me sad to see this explosion. I’m NOT a pornstar. You can search the internet until your fingers are bleeding and you won’t find an Antonella photograph or video that shows full nudity. I know that upsets some people (laughs) I am a Busty Pin Up model with tons of respect for the brave pin up models that came before me, and my ultimate goal is to always be a portrayed in a classy, fun way and that’s why you will only see me work solo and usually with a big smile on my face. I think the female form can be breathtaking. Maybe thats why my fans consistently report being short of breath typically when viewing my work (laughs) I am not against porn and I don’t begrudge  any girl who genuinely wants to do it, but again that’s not the business I am in. So my advice for women would be to make sure you are absolutely clear on what business you are getting into and get ready to give away much of your privacy. The reality is for every thousand girls that want to be a successful Pinup model, very very few have what it takes to make it.
I know you love your boobs but when do they get in the way or are annoying? What things are hard to do when you have big boobs?
If I have to list all the challenges that this girls cause me,  you would feel so sad for me (laughs). But you can believe I get many offers to help me carry them around all day (laughs) But here are the basics:
1)  I’m pretty sure that even special forces in the military would be crying like babies if they suffered from the indentations I get from my bras straps and hardware (laughs)
2) The next time your at Home Depot, grab a 30 pound bag of mulch from the garden department and carry it around on your chest while you do the rest of your shopping and that will give you a little bit of insight on what is like to carry my load. (laughs)
3)  For anyone who has ever wrestled and lost a fight while trying to remove  their t-shirt,  put 2 footballs in the middle of that fight. I’ve have had to make some UFC-like moves to free myself. But I can NEVER just blend in, anywhere I walk you can constantly hear the whiplash all around me as heads both men and women are constantly snapping to get another look.
I know you’ve been known to even squirt some kind of liquid from your breast…I’ll call it “breast milk”. When did learn you could do that? Is that a talent only you can do or can most women do that with their breasts?
I have never had kids but I read years ago that women could stimulate milk production to feed adopted babies. I thought that was fascinating so I studied the protocol and low and behold, after diligently following a daily routine my girls produced the most beautiful LECHE con CREMA. The feeling was amazing! But I’m careful not to over do it because it also increases the size of my breasts. Which causes some problems…see answer to previous question (laughs)
I know you must have guys trying to talk to you all the time but you seem very shy. For all your male fans out there, what’s the best way to approach you to talk to you?
I don’t know if I would call me shy. I think I am sort of a dichotomy.  I think I am one of the most approachable, accessible pinup model of all time. Maybe you should read thru a couple of years of my twitter account, I respond to everybody as long as they aren’t vulgar and they treat me with respect. And when it comes to business, I think I am anything but shy… I am definitely committed to my work and my goals, and I pity the idiot who tries to stand in my way! I try to be humble if that’s what you are referring to but I can also assure you that when I am attracted to a man…and the lights are out… I think you would have a hard time finding someone that would consider my attitude shy!
How do you let a guy know you’re interested in him?
I can’t tell you everything (laughs), but trust me… its obvious!
What’s something about you that no one would ever know unless you said something? 
Ok I have never told anybody this but… I was a champion archer and barely missed qualifying for the Olympics. SHHHH it’ll be our secret (laughs). To be honest, what drove me was that as I was training for the regionals, the reigning women champion made a point of walking up to me and telling me “Girl you will never make it with those boobs“. You should have seen her face two years later when she had to hand over the trophy she had won!  And yes, I did remind her and suggested she look into augmentation! (laughs)  Don’t F with the A! (laughs)
What country would you love to visit that you haven’t been to?
I would love to visit Bora Bora, Japan, Spain and Italy. Who wants to take me?
You have an amazing body. Do you workout a lot or are those just naturally good genes from your parents?
My natural boobs come from my mother’s and father’s side. However, I do want to maintain my 5’2″ lil frame fit so I run the treadmill 3 times a week for 5 miles. And yes,  I have an industrial sports bra that hold the girls tight so I wont get panda eyes (laughs)
What is your favorite Equadorian dish?
OHHH now lets talk about food! Im a big time foodie.  I love to eat…I need to keep the girls happy!  I have so many favorite ecuadorian dishes that I bet you have never heard of  but I love ecuadorian shrimp ceviche. I love lentil soup and also seafood rice. Yum!
Do you cook? If so, what is your best dish and when can I taste it?
OMG yes! I am Chef-Boyar-Antonella! Cooking is one of my hobbies.  I enjoy fresh homemade cooking.  I will cook you some rice with lentils, beef and fried plantains. For breakfast I will make you some sweet fig with white cheese… damn Im hungry already (laughs) I think any man will fall in love with me after they taste the first spoon of my cooking.
Outside of Ecuadorian food, what is your guilty food pleasure?
I can eat ice cream every single day…butter pecan by Haagen Dazs O…MY… LORD! (laughs)
What song right now, makes you want to dance every time you hear it?
I love the new song by Justin BieberDaddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi called “Despasito” . Me and the girls get so excited evertime we hear this song!
What type of sleeper are you?
If I could sleep in one of those sensory, deprivation tanks, with no lights, no sounds, weightless with no disruptions I would be in heaven. Instead, I wear a big ass eye mask, super mega earplugs, black out curtains and bury all of that into a pile of blankets (laughs)
What is your usual sleeping attire?
I always wear my wife beater…the girls like to be covered but not choked… and I always, always, always wear some panties that make me feel sexy and feminine.
How important is it that a guy is a good kisser?
If he can’t pass that test… its OVER… next question (laughs)
You know when models do photoshoots and you get all oiled up in baby oil, is that someone’s actual job on set? If it is, I’m messing up in life and I’m submitting a resume to you today to be your dedicated oil up guy.
(laughs) Usually the makeup artist or other models are the ones who rubs oil on me and all over my girls, and let me tell you… I LOVE IT!
Craziest gift you’ve received from a fan?
I do have to say, I have amazing, generous fans.  Everyday is Christmas for me! Once I had a fan who purchased everything on my amazon wishlist. I was in shock. I also get envelopes with money from my fans. It is quite amazing how much they take care of me.
Worst pickup line you’ve heard from a guy?
Why would a girl like you, want to talk to a guy like me.”
Outside of your boobs, what body part do you get complimented most on?
My teeth and my hair. Sometimes I get emails from fans asking me if my teeth are natural (laughs)  I didn’t eat too much sweets growing up but yes they are real. I also I have so much hair…its crazy. I feel like a lioness! I thought about cutting my hair but I don’t think my fans would be too happy if I did that so I decided to keep it long for them.
Outisde of your boobs, what body part are you most proud of on yourself?
I think my smile.
If you could have any superpower in the bedroom, what would it be?
The power of RE-ENGORGMENT (laughs)
What upcoming projects do you have that your fans and followers can look out for?
I have many plans for 2017. It is a surprise for my fans so make sure you follow my social media.


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Check out my interview with adult superstar and AVN Hall of Famer, Briana Banks. Standing at 5’9″, the leggy former Vivid contract star discusses how the industry has changed since she took a break from the industry 5 years ago, working with younger male talent, awkward run in with fans and why she will always be the alpha female in a scene. 

So sit back and drink in the tall glass of smoothness that is, Briana Banks.

Where are you originally from?

I was born in Munich, Germany.

When you first came to LA, what was one of the first thing you had to get used to about LA culture?

I actually moved to London from Germany when I was 7 so I did know English before I moved to LA. My fondest memory is going to McDonalds and ordering a hamburger and ‘crispies’. They looked at me like I was crazy because they had no idea what ‘crispies’ were (laughs) that’s a London thing. Having lived in London which is a big city, it wasn’t a crazy move to where I hadn’t ever been in a big city.

So everyone knows you’ve had an extraordinary career in the adult industry. You took a break and now you’re back. But take me back to Brianna in high school. What clique did you run with in high school?

I was kind of a nerd. I was so skinny and had braces both top and bottom. I tried to gain weight and people would make fun of me I was so skinny. No boobs or anything. Then when I left ninth grade, I had the braces removed and hit puberty magically. I also got dumped by the most popular senior because I wouldn’t let him go down my shirt because I was extremely shy I’d never had guys look at me like that. So honestly, I could have been in the popular clique but I stayed with my best friend who’s still my best friend since the 4th grade, and she didn’t transition as smoothly into the high school years as I did and they were very unaccepting of her. But she was my friend and she was more important than any of that other stuff. But I was friend with everyone and got along with everyone. So I really didn’t have a certain clique I was in.

Did you welcome the attention?

I don’t think I understood because I had always kept to myself and was very book smart. I didn’t even kiss a boy until I was 16 and he was the only boy I was with until I got in the industry. I had never even done it with the lights on before I got into porn. Talk about a 180! (laughs)

So that guy’s gotta be sticking his chest out about now at being the lone wolf  to be with Briana for a while

Yep and then he cheated on me like an idiot…

…And proceeded to mess it up

He did! (laughs)

So how did you go from so shy teen to beast mode in the adult industry?

I actually left home at 14 and took my sister with me and kinda bounced around from house to house until I turned 16 and then I got myself emancipated and when I turned 18 I got custody of my sister. My dream was always to be a runway model and unfortunately back then I was always too short so I was getting turn away a lot. When my sister turned 18, I stopped getting checks from the state and said I couldn’t go to school, work and take care of my sister. I ended up in porn by answering an ad in the paper that said ‘Make $1000/day modeling’ and I didn’t know it was porn till I got there.


Yeah. (laughs) I pulled away from the set 3 times tell myself, ‘I can’t do that, I can’t do that…’But I was having trouble making the rent so I said if I don’t do it, I gonna have nowhere to live. So its still beyond me that I found the balls to do that as shy as I was.  But that was the first time I really had someone tell me I was pretty. I had had guys drool over me but no one straight out looked me in the eye and said, ‘You’re beautiful. You’re gonna be famous.’ I jus thought to myself, ‘I’m just gonna do this a couple times, get the money and leave’ I didn’t know it would spread like wildfire.

When you go back to your hometown, are you viewed as Briana the Adult Star or just Briana from the Block?

I’m just Bri. Although according to my high school, everyone has had sex with me. (laughs)

Obviously you were nervous about your first scene. What was that first scene and how did you get over the nervousness?

I looked up my first scene recently with a friend of mine and I really didn’t want to watch it because I knew how bad it would be.  But it was called University Co-Eds with Brandon Irons and I was going under the name of Mirage. I do remember thinking that I didn’t know penises came that big! (laughs) But I was petrified. They had to keep telling me to make noise and not to look at the camera. I had never had anyone in the room watching me have sex and all of sudden there’s all these people in the room watching! Even the people filming in the other room were looking through window. I was mortified! I didn’t know what I was doing. But I had never sucked a dick and God I was terrible before I got into the industry! (laughs) I remember they told me to go reverse cowgirl and I didn’t know what that was. I had only been on my back missionary style. So I was probably the most inexperienced person to get in porn ever! (laughs)

So when you finished, what made you go back?

I had never seen $1000 cash in my life. Since I was renting a small room for $400/month, I was like, ‘Now I have two months rent’ So the money and then all the people telling me how pretty I was.  I wasn’t used to being treated like someone special. That’s just not how I was brought up.

Of all the scenes you’ve done, is there a scene that stands out as just not being your favorite scene?

I don’t even have to think about it, it would be Max Hardcore.  The most mortifying scene ever not knowing his reputation and what he did to girls but I did that scene and swore to myself I was never coming back. He went to prison for what he was doing to girls. So yeah, hands down, Hardcore wins that one.

On the flipside, what’s the funniest blooper to happen on a shoot that stands out?

When you’re in porn, it happens so much it doesn’t even seem weird anymore. (laughs) I’ve never had anything in the pooper area that was embarrassing.  Maybe a little noise that comes out when you’re having sex and you have to tell people it wasn’t you farting. (laughs) But other than that, I’ve never had anything horrific happen.

What’s on your list of ‘no-no’s when filming?

I don’t have a no-no list because I’ve pretty much done everything (laughs) I’m not really into surprise fingers in the butt an stuff like that if it wasn’t planned. Other than that, I’m down to roll with a scene. I like to have strong, rough, aggressive scenes.

You’re an aggressive performer but do you prefer your partner to also be aggressive or more submissive?

I actually prefer the performer to be more dominant. It makes for a better scene. I’m not really a mean person and I’ve done a couple FemDom scenes awhile back and it was hard for me to be mean to someone. Its always better for me for the guy to be the Alpha. I mean, I can be the alpha but its better for me to be dominated than to be dominating.

So you gotta bring the energy and heat when doing a scene with Briana…

Yeah, don’t think we’re gonna lay there and make rainbows and sparklies. I want a good scene!

What is the position that is guaranteed to get you off during a scene?

I cum very easily if I’m getting drilled from behind (laughs). If I have no control and am pinned, that works for me. I know most girls will say being on top is their trick but for me its having no control and being on bottom.  I’ve been very fortunate since I’ve been back to work with the veterans when it comes to the male talent because they now have this whole MILF thing now that wasn’t around when I left 5 years ago, so I’m constantly having sex with 20 year old girls but all the guys are the same guys I used to have sex with which is good because I can’t imagine having sex with a 20 year old guy. I think it would just be so awkward for me. I mean a 20 year old, you walk away thinking ‘Did I just do a newbie?’ I remember being a newbie and back then, there wasn’t really a thing for watching older women with younger girls so that’s been an adjustment for me.

And would it be awkward to have sex with younger guys because of their experience level?

Yeah, I would definitely say their experience level would be a factor. I mean, we all start somewhere, but I don’t wanna work with a 20 year old boy because its just not gonna be a strong scene. I don’t wanna have to guide them through the scene and have to deal with wood problems and things like that. Why would I wanna work with a 20 year old when I can work with somebody my own age, who does a rockin scene, knows how to angle me and you’ve already worked together before so there’s no surprise. It just sets up for a much stronger, smoother scene.

So if there was a young buck out there who really wanted to work with you, he would have to be superstar status, huh?

(laughs) yeah. There is one guy who looks like he’s 12 that everyone’s telling me I have to work with and I’m like, ‘This is a joke right?’ (laughs) I mean he’s obviously 18 but they dress him up and he looks like a 12 year old little boy and they purposely put him with tall, big breasted older women and I just don’t see that as being a sexy scene as much as I would laugh at it. I don’t wanna do a scene that people are laughing at as opposed to masturbating to. I mean, I saw it and I couldn’t find anything about it that turned me on in any kind of way. It just looked absolutely wrong when the guy is that much younger than the woman. Its crazy how things have changed. But I’ve put in my time in the trenches so I’ve earned my right to choose my male talent.

Have you ever heard of the Porn Name Game?

Yeah, where its like your dogs name and the street you grew up on…

Yeah, so based on the formula of your first name being based on your first pets name and your last name being based on the street you grew up on, what would your alternative porn name be?

Well, I would’ve had a great guys name. My dogs name was Buster and I grew up on Cochran Street. So I would’ve been Buster Cochran.

(laughs) That would be an amazing guy name. With a name like Buster, you would sound like you mean business, like you’re there to wreck shop!

Yeah, right! (laughs) I mean the ‘Cochran’ is just a strong masculine last name.

My name is similar as it would have been Storm Gaywood.

(laughs) Oh wow! You could’ve made a big name for yourself, just probably not in the chosen genre.

Now you have a legion of fans that follow you, but what’s something about yourself that no one would ever know about you unless you brought it up?

I’m pretty open on social media. I love going to the gym. I lost a ton of weight that I had put on in the 5 years I was on hiatus. I like hanging out with friends and going to movies. I’m real low key. I’m not into going to nightclubs. I mean, in my 20’s, sure, I was all about it. But you hit an age, I like spending time alone sometimes just turning off my phone and not dealing with anyone at all. All the Twitter and social media was new and just starting when I left the industry so its crazy getting used to seeing everyone having a platform to speak… and not all of it is nice.

Now you look like you’re in phenomenal shape so when you go to the gym are you just stopping traffic and getting mad stares and having dudes offering to ‘spot’ you with your squats?

(laughs) its crazy because I have a trainer, I’ve got my Beats (headphones) on and I do my 2 hours of cardio and my hour of training with him. So when I have my Beats on, I think I actually look mean and so people don’t even try to talk to me. That’s the only time I get to get out of my own head.  Then the 1 hour I’m training is with my trainer who is this huge, intense guy so people don’t try and walk up to me while I’m training with him. There’s a few other big names that go to that gym but I put up clips of my workouts with no makeup on Instagram for the fans to see because I think its cool to put up things other than pretty pictures. So one time my trainer was laughing after he filmed a workout and I asked him what he was laughing at and he said, ‘We’ll have to re-do that clip’ and I asked, ‘Why?’ and he said ‘I just filmed a guy come behind you and stared at your butt for a good 30 seconds and then tripped over his own feet when he was walking away.’ (laughs)  I think if he wasn’t there training me, I wouldn’t be as carefree at the gym.

Now what is your normal gym attire?

Since I’ve lost all this weight and reached where I used to be at, I don’t wear baggy sweatpants but I’m also not wearing things with my boobs hangin out…

Oooh (disappointed)…

(laughs)  I wear tiny yoga pants and a sports bra and I’ve always got my hair in a pony tail and no makeup. I always laugh at the girls who wear makeup to the gym (laughs) I’m all about sweating and when I leave the gym, you can tell I worked out.

So Briana’s like, ‘Ain’t nobody got time for foolishness, I’m here to work’

(laughs) I have to! I have scenes with 20 year old girls now!

I know you said you workout with the ice grill but are there still guys who still will through game despite the figurative sign on your face that says, ‘Do Not Approach’

Since I’ve been at the gym I’m at, I’ve had a crazy ex stalk me so I had to stop posting when I was going to the gym because he’d be there. I’ve had a couple meatheads try and approach me and before they could even get started I would hit’em with the ‘I have a boyfriend…go away’ Then I had one guy come up to me and say, ‘Hey Briana, I’m good friend with Manuel Ferrara…’ and I was like ‘What??’ I mean, that’s someone I’ve done scenes with but he has a wife and children. But I guess he thought that gave him a license to come up and talk to me but I guess he felt retarded after that that he just walked away. (laughs)

Maybe he thought you’d be like, ‘Oh you know Manuel?!! That’s all you had to say. You wanna go in the locker room and pound out a quick scene cuz I usually do that with people that I just met a few seconds ago…’

(laughs) And I don’t try and be mean but when I’m thinking something, its all over my face. Sometimes I give off really dirty looks that I don’t mean to. (laughs)

What is your guilty food pleasure?

Italian food. Anything Italian. Because I’m half Italian, I like anything like lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, stuff like that. But other than that, I enjoy eating healthy.  I can’t go to an Italian restaurant and order a salad. I’ll just be like, ‘Well, this just turned into my cheat day!’ (laughs)

Sometimes you gotta do that, you know. Especially nowadays when its all about #SlimThick, #ThickFit or #ThickFitChick, a  girls gotta eat. Don’t nobody want no ultra skinny girl…at least not on this end…

Yeah, now everyone’s got the big booties, and I’ve never been known for that.  So I have to have cheat days otherwise I’ll too thin for what’s in right now. I’m not ever gonna get butt implants or injections…and God bless the girls who do, nothing against the girls who do get them…but on my frame, it would look ridiculous. I’ve already got huge boobs to the point where I’m almost falling forward when I workout now. If my butt was a big as my chest, I don’t even know how I’d walk properly! (laughs)

Yeah, some of that stuff on IG is so over exaggerated, it doesn’t even look real

And they don’t want it to look real. I just have to arch super hard in my scenes and I can get there (laughs) But I’ve done scene with girls who have the implants and I feel like I haven’t hit puberty! I mean, I have no junk in my trunk. It was crazy cuz when I came back I was like, ‘When did everyone get behinds?!’ (laughs)  I told my trainer, ‘I wanna to lose weight and get smaller everywhere except my butt. I want my butt to get bigger.’ Everything else has shrunk and I’ve gained 2 inches in my behind but its all about your anatomy and my anatomy includes not having a huge butt.  So when you see some of these girls who have a waist as big as mine and a 40 inch ass, there’s no amount of squats you can do to get a butt like that. If I want a big ass, everything else is gonna  get bigger too.

Now when you do videos where you’re all oiled up, who is in charge of oiling you up? Is that a real job on set?

(laughs) I think it all depends on the director. I have a director where part of his whole scene is he has to oil your ass up with baby oil and then you have to bounce up and down and it’s a big part of his site. But yeah, he has to personally apply the oil and then you bounce up and down on the glasses that are on his face (laughs). Most of the time the girls do it themselves. But I’ve only been back 8 months and haven’t done that scene or feature where I have needed oil to be evenly and strategically placed

I’m just sayin, holla at ya boy when you’re in need…

(laughs) I’m trying to shoot a scene with Jesse Jane and I know Jules is all about the girls being oiled up so I will let you know when that happens and what my experience is.

If you two are doing a scene I’m showing up with 6 bottles of baby oil.


With all the fans you have, have you ever had an awkward run in with a fan?

Yes. The most awkward time was when I got veneers put in and they gave you Vikatin and laughing gas cuz it’s a pretty gnarly procedure. So my friend was waiting for me afterwards and we were walking… and you gotta remember my face is like numb, I’m drooling all over the place… and I noticed someone and told him, ‘I think that guy is following us.’ He was like, ‘No’  and I was like, ‘Watch’ So we make a right turn, and the guy makes a right turn. So we stopped and he approaches us and is like, ‘Sorry to bother you Briana but could I get a picture.’ And he hands the camera to my friend, who was just my friend, but for all he knew that could’ve been my boyfriend. I mean, who does that? Anyways, I’m drooling everywhere and it was pretty much the worst time to be recognized by a fan. So I ended up not giving him a picture but gave him an autograph cuz I didn’t know what I looked like plus I felt high as a kite.

Oh that would’ve been on the internet for sure. Like the Nick Nolte or James Brown mugshot…

Oh it would’ve been on TMZ in no time! Plus I had a hoody on. How much porn do you watch to recognize me in a hoody?!! (laughs)

What type of a sleeper are you?

My sleep has been off for a while because I feature danced for 10 years straight and danced 3 weeks out of the month because I was only shooting 6 movies a year. So I was up all night and slept all day. So after 10 years of that, I can’t go to bed till at least 11:30 pm or midnight and that’s me forcing myself to go to bed. I’ll naturally stay up till 2 in the morning but you can’t do that when you have an 8 am call time. So it’s a constant battle. So I’ll try and wear myself out during the day so I can go to sleep.  Sometimes I’ll be on Twitter late at night or early in the morning and a friend of mine will text me “Go to bed. Its one in the morning” (laughs)

What’s your usual sleeping attire?

I’m a buck naked kinda girl!

I’m gonna just let that marinate for a second…

(laughs) I cannot have clothes on. I get too hot. Even at night, I’ll wake up and kick all the covers off me. Yeah, no clothes for me. My sister used to make fun of me and tell me that I was gonna be caught buck naked outside one day during an earthquake when I had to leave the house and I said, ‘then I’ll just take that chance.’ (laughs) I can’t stand the feeling of clothes on when I sleep.

And that would be one lucky neighbor…

(laughs) My sister said she wouldn’t care just as long as I keep my nakedness in my bedroom and not around her boyfriend.  My sister got used to my nakedness and I didn’t really think about it because when you’re around naked people all the time you don’t think twice about it. But she would say, ‘Could TRY to put on a pair of underwear or a tanktop to get a glass water in the kitchen’ (laughs) I told her I would make a valiant effort (laughs)

If you could have any superpower, but that superpower could only be used in the bedroom during sex? What would it be and why?

Never run out of stamina. Always feel like you’re in high school in the bedroom

How often do you have an orgasm while performing?

I would say it depends on the performer. I just did my first anal scene when I came back in five years and it was with Manuel Ferrera and I hadn’t had an anal orgasm in so long that I actually peed on Manuel.  I mean, no shame in my game. I had a real orgasm and when you have a real orgasm, sometimes you lose control of other parts of your body.  For the most part I don’t like to fake it. I’m good but you can tell when somebody is faking it. I try to actually get off in my scenes, whether its something I need to do or my partner needs to do.  I don’t like to walk away from a  scene not having an orgasm because that means you weren’t that into it which means I gotta go home and finish myself off.  Its funny because I have this whole new generation of fans who are like, ‘I used watch you on my dads VHS’ but then none of the girls know who the fuck I am! (laughs)

How do you deal with the male bravado of what seems like, ‘I gonna come in here and show her whats up?’

I worked really hard for my stripes and if a girl thinks she’s gonna out do me in girl/girl/boy, I put her in her place real quick. Lets start with I have no gag reflex. I’m also pretty sure that I know some tricks that they don’t.


No, its not even like that but some girls are just disrespectful. People like me and Jenna (Jameson) and Jesse (Jane), and Tera (Patrick)…we paved the way and they don’t even realize what’s happening. That would be like me saying I had never heard of Jenna when I got into porn. I didn’t watch porn but I knew who the fuck Jenna was.  And for the guys, I mean when someone asks for your autograph before a scene, its just kind of a mood killer. You just know its about to be awkward for the next hour. But to be fair, a lot has changed. I’ve been in the industry since 1999, and I show up to set and still ask questions because everyone shoots differently.

So what projects do you have coming up?

I been shooting a lot for my website so I’ve been shooting non-stop scenes for the last month. I can’t wait to launch. But definitely look out for that. Newest releases out now include Manuel’s a Milf-O-Maniac by Jules Jordan which is my first anal which is out now. Prime Milf 3 by Hard X  and Dirty Talk 3 by Evil Angel which released June 15 and Evil Angel and Elegant Angel also will be releasing some footage of me but they’re waiting for nominantions to be announced so they can release for next year but I can’t wait because they’re some badass scenes. I’m just happy to be back and thank my fans for being so supportive and loyal and have been awesome on my social media.


IG: @BrianaBanksXoXo

Twitter: @BrianaBanksXoXo