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In today’s entertainment world, stars who are triple threats (actors, singers, dancers) are considered mega stars. Well its easy to be a triple threat in the same industry (yeah I’m talking to you, Beyonce, J.Lo, Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown). That’s so early 2000’s…

I’m talking about the new millinium triple threat. I’m talkin about being a triple threat in 3 completely different areas. Yeah, you heard me… wassup now, son!  You might be thinking, ‘That’s too much, who even does that?’ Mia Lelani does.

Allow me to introduce you the world’s first adult star, chemist & scuba diver (or at least that I know of…). A lethal combo and one not seen too often. Fellas, if she’s doesn’t contain the ultimate girlfriend tools, I don’t know who does. A lot of guys may say a girl who is into sports and cars may be the ultimate girl but I beg to differ for where else can you find a girl who :

1)      Likes putting on skin tight wetsuits (and looks hot in them),

2)      Carries a diving knife and can save YOU from a jellyfish sting, a shark, a barracuda or other sea monsters

3)      Can lead you on a treasure hunt in a tropical cove

4)      You wouldn’t mind getting CPR from if you almost drowned

5)      Can read the periodic table and break down the chemical compounds of your favorite energy drink

6)      Looks hot in a lab coat and a set of goggles

7)      After items 1-6 above are complete…will still rock your world in the sack.

That my friends is the new triple threat. So take a listen as we talk with one of the top Asian stars about balancing school and career, what she’ll order on a dinner date, dealing with being noticed by fans and how she got over on the Mexican Federales (Maybe her next title is Special Agent).

So without further ado, let get to know Miss Mia Lelani.


Where are you originally from?

I’m from the Inland Empire in Southern California.

Oh, so you’re a native Southern Californian. It seems like everyone in the LA area and especially in entertainment, seems to be from other places.

I know, I say the same thing! You rarely find Californians in the business.

Everyone always seems to have that hardcore story on them taking a one way ticket from the Midwest or the east coats to come out and make it in Hollywood and I always wondered, ‘What about the people who are right here in Southern Cali, where are they at?

I know I just jumped in my car and drove up!

I usually ask people what was one thing they had to get used to when they got to LA, but since you’re from here, that probably wasn’t an issue.

It’s still a little different from where I grew up or even the rest of Southern California. In my opinion, I don’t think you can find as good of friends because everyone is trying to make something of themselves and the drive to “make it” is so strong that I think everyone thinks of themselves first. But comes with the territory of the entertainment field and I get that. And its not necessarily a bad thing, its just the way it is. And don’t get me wrong, I have friends from LA, but my closest friends are from home.

Now to veer off topic a little bit, you’re in an airport right now. Has anyone come up to you or noticed you since you been there or since you’ve been talking to me?

No, I kind of moved away from everyone cuz I didn’t know what we’d be talking about (laughs)

That’s understandable. Don’t want people turning around like, ‘What did she just say she was doing?’ (laughs)

(laughs) Exactly!

Speaking of friends, since you’ve hit the adult industry, have you had people from high school maybe try and “reconnect” since they found out what you do like, ‘Wassup Mia, we should hang out…’ even though you guys never hung out in high school.

(laughs) I’ve had people add me on Facebook who I never really talked to in high school but I knew of them. Its just funny to me that either we never talked in high school or they didn’t have time to talk to me then, but now you wanna be my friend on Facebook? I’ve also had friends tell me that they were out with their boyfriends shopping and they came across a video of mine and that I still look great. So that’s always cool to hear. Positive reactions are always a good thing.

Just like a lot of people who are famous, it must be tough sometimes to judge people’s motives for wanting to get close to you.

Yeah, cuz you don’t know if they like me because of my adult star persona and what I do or for me. It’s like, ‘Do they like me or Mia?

Beauty and brains traditionally has been a rare mix but you fit in both categories. Not only do you shine on camera but you also got your college degree chemistry. Tell me about that.

Actually I’m going to school to get my chemistry degree.

But that’s no joke. It’s not like you’re doing a communications or sociology degree. How did you choose that degree of all the choices out there?

Well, I was a math major at first cuz I’m good at numbers. They just make sense to me for some reason (laughs). One of my friends got a math degree and he was like, ‘It’s really boring.’  so I also liked chemistry because it was still math but it also involved experiments and other fun stuff.

Ever had a lab partner recognize who you are?

I try not to wear any make up to school and keep it on the DL. I’ve had people look at me but I didn’t know if they were looking at me cuz I was a hot chick or because they were thinking, ‘Hey, I know you from somewhere.’ (laughs)

People are like, ‘I got the best looking lab partner…EVER!’

Riiight?! (laughs) I usually get recognized at a drinking event.

Nobody ever threw game at you like, ‘I’d love to work on some body chemistry with you.’

Noooo. It’s usually like, ‘Do you think I could be in the business?’ or ‘How do I get in the business?

How do you balance school and your career?

I don’t know! It’s like I’m running around like a chicken without its head. I always figure out how to get things done. You can never just be black or white. You gotta be able to compromise cuz you still gotta make money while you go to class. You just gotta be flexible.

In more ways than one. Sorry had to get that in there…

(laughs) No it’s funny because I may have a scene earlier that day and then that night I’m in class. And a lot of people have no idea what I do, they just see me come to class with porno make up on.

So you are truly a renaissance woman because not only are you an adult star…not only are you going for your chemistry degree, but you are a certified scuba diver. Where does it stop!

I just finished my Dive Master internship. I was in Cozymel, Mexico for 2 months and that was the best trip of my life so far.

 What was the toughest part about learning how to scuba dive?

Managing your stress when you’re under water at different depths like 130 feet, 90 feet or 60 feet. They’re training you to handle emergencies under water so that was the scariest part because you can’t just go with your normal reaction you have to stop and think about what’s going on and then react. But when you’re 130 feet or 90 feet below it’s a different situation so that was definitely the toughest part.

Where in the world would you love to go scuba diving?

Next summer I’m planning on going to Thailand and the Phillippines so that should be cool.

So you’ve been in the industry for the past 7 years…

Off and on..

Is your family aware of it?

My brother knows.

 Is he older or younger?

He’s two years younger but he has the temper of an older brother.

I understand, gotta protect la familia. Did that ever cause any issues between your brothers and their friends?

I don’t know. I just know my brother always has me cover up. But I don’t think it would cause a problem cuz he has a pretty bad temper. (laughs)

How did you even get involved in the industry?

I had a boyfriend but I was fooling around with this other guy who was in the business and was doing internet porn at the time. So he convinced to go down and me the owners of the company and we did a scene on a hotel balcony. It was crazy because there was kids below and I ended up squirting and needless to say they hired me a couple months later.

All you needed was for some kid to be like, ‘Hey what’s going on up there?’

Right?!! (laughs)

Tell me about the first scene that you ever did. Were you nervous or were you like, ‘Let’s go!’

I actually was not nervous. I thought I would be but it was so comfortable I was never nervous. I get more nervous now when it’s girl/girl scene cuz you never know how its gonna go but not when its boy/girl. When its boy/girl it’s more like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it!’ (laughs)

Now you look Asian but what’s your specific nationality?

I’m Filipino, Irish and Lebanese

 So you’re an ethnic mutt…

Yeah, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

So do you just have all the Asian guys on lockdown?

Asian guys have been good to me. But I think all of my fans just like Asian girls in general. They got the Yellow plague!

Now, you’re known for your curves and I’ve noticed in general that Phillipino girls tend to have a little more meat on them then other Asian ethnicities. Have you noticed that?

Yeah. I mean, I’m skinny but still thick and muscular. I think it is the Filipino race because Filipinos are mixed with Japenese or some other Asian blood and Spanish blood. So its that mixture that causes Filipinos to have a little more booty and an overall thicker body.

Now you’re also goin to be doing some feature dancing coming up. Where can people check you out?

I’m gonna be at Asianpalooza at Dames and Games in Los Angeles on May 18. This will be my first appearance there. It should be interesting. It’ll be a ton of Asian girls  so that’s always nice so that will be a good thing.

How long have you been dancing?

I just started last year. I always liked to dress up so it’s the next phase of my career.

And what’s you style? Do you break it down or what?

You would think but it’s not like that at all. It’s more slow and about eye contact and being sexy. In club dancing, you’re poppin your ass and dancing with the beat. But with feature dancing, you definitely got to slow it down.

You ever had an awkward situation with a guy you’ve danced for whether he was getting a little out of hand or you had to put him in check?

Most of the time they’re really good. Sometimes they do get excited but I’ma  pretty happy go lucky person so they can touch my boobies! But I also have a really good roadie, Archie, and he’s my bodyguard/coach.

So Archie handles things if it gets outta line.

Yep. So I always feel extra safe with him.

Ever had an awkward run in with a fan while you’re out doing normal stuff in life like grocery shopping or out to dinner with friends?

I was at a resort in Playa De Carmen and some fans recognized me. But they didn’t come out and say anything, they asked me, ‘So what do you do?’ and I was like, ‘I model…’ and then giggled and then they knew. Then last year I went to the Pittsburgh / New York Giants football game and these drunk guys about my age recognized me with my ex, Johnny Sins, and they came up. But they were funny and we took pictures.

Sometimes guys will be brave and approach stars and tell them about their skills in bedroom and what they would do if they were with you. Do you get that?

Gosh, yes, definitely! I used to be a casting director for the first company I worked for and every guy that came in would sware up and down about their skills but then couldn’t deliver. They get shy in the moment. Because its different being in a room with one or two guys with a camera jerking off compared to drinking and having the lights somewhat on with your girlfriend in a comfortable surrounding.

Ever had a blooper moment on set while trying to film?

Yeah but it was really embarrassing. I’ll just say, you go through a learning process when doing anal.

In your personal life, do guys ever find you intimidating when they find out you’re an adult star?

They do look for validation. Like they always want to make sure I cum first and they’ll be like, ‘Is that good?’ but they put the extra work in so its okay. I like that.

Have you ever had to lie to guys to avoid hurting ego. Tell them it was good maybe when it wasn’t?

(laughs) I’ve been pretty lucky. I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve chosen well.

You obviously have to stay in shape to look good for the camera, other than putting it down in the bedroom, what kind of working out do you do?

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of Pilates and bikram yoga. I have a puppy so I hike a lot. I started doing that stuff cuz I was just getting tired of the gym. Oh, I also do CrossFit and I really like that.

That stuffs no joke.

I know. But I like the fact that you compete against yourself. I’m very competitive and I hate to lose. So you’re supposed to do just as good or better than your last workout so I like that.

Now because you have curves do you ever specifically target regions, like say, your butt, or is that just God given and you’re like, ‘I was just blessed with that.’?

I always feel like I’m fighting the Asian negative booty (laughs). I will do some squats when I get home because I do want something back there.

What is your guilty food pleasure?

Probably steak, hamburgers or spaghetti. I really love red meat and I know its not the best for me but I love steak & eggs, steak for dinner…just anything beef related!

A girl after my own heart! So when guys take you out, there’ll be no salads, you’ll be like, ‘Give me a steak, homie!’

(laughs) Yeah, he better be ready! Salads are too complicated to eat. Just give me something hearty!

What’s the worst set you’ve filmed on?

Well, I don’t have a worst but I do have the funniest. So for Hustler, they wanted me to do an Asian Karaoke. But they didn’t to get an Asian actress and I don’t know any other language other than  little Spanish, so I karaoked the worst, most stereoptypical, horrible Asian accent I’ve done in my life.  Then after doing it they told, ‘That was great but that was waaay to racist.’ And I was thinking,’but if I’m Asian is it really racist?’ But I guess since they’re not Asian and they were putting it out, that didn’t look good for them. But I’ve been pretty lucky. I haven’t had too many bad experiences.

Are there days when you’re like, ‘I just don’t feel like performing today.’ And in those cases how much is acting versus what you’re really enjoying?

It not so much a particular day but it might be the fact that you have to wake up early to film a scene. Like, ‘Who has sex at nine in the morning?!’ (laughs) But then once I get to set and I’m up, then I’m ready. It’s usually just in the morning when I’m like, ‘I just don’t wanna have sex this early.’ I like laying in the bed and having lazy mornings.

What’s something about you that your fans wouldn’t know about you unless you said something about it?

I have freckles on my face. I wish magic was real. Like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, I wish that was real. I can drive stick shift…

Yes, you can…sorry, had to throw that in…


I recently got a cell phone ticket and said to myself, ‘If I was girl, I could probably get out of this.’. When was the last time your boobs, your butt or your celebrityness got you out of trouble or got you something you wanted?

A couple times. Recently it was my boobies in Mexico. I was taking a ferry from an island over to the Mainland and there was some weed in my bag. What I didn’t know is that when you get on those ferrys, there’s all thee military guys on there and they literally go through your bag, sticking their hands in you bag and everything checking it.  And I was thinking to myself, ‘Aww shit! Where did I put it? Did I hide it ? Did I just put it in there?’ So I did what any girl would do…I pulled my shirt down, pushed my titties out and was just smiling at the guy and being like ‘Hi!!’ and shakin’ my titties around! (laughs). I made sure I kept eye contact with him and I ended up passing through. I also got pulled over for going 65 mph in a 55 mph and it was like1 am. I told the cop I had a lot of tension and that I had just got off set and next thing you know, I didn’t get a ticket.

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not shooting?

I feel like a single mom when I’m not shooting. I have a 9-month old puppy, so right now, I’m entertaining her all day long and I’m trapped in an apartment with no backyard and a patio. I mainly doing activities like hiking or I’m walking her bitch ass to the park or something to keep her busy because I can’t stay at home with her. There’s none of that. And I can’t leave home too long without her either. Other than that, I used to party a lot but I’m a  single mom now.

You sound like an old soul.

Don’t get me wrong, I still do party. I don’t drink often, but when I do, I get fucked up! (laughs)

If you could have one superpower, but the rule is, the superpower would have to be used in the bedroom, what would that superpower be?

Only in the bedroom? Hmm, lemme think. Mind control. Like Phoenix from X-men or something like that.

Mind control is about 90% of the answers I get from females. What is it with you guys and mind control?!!

Well, it all comes back to the mind. If a guy can’t perform, he might be worried about something or be in his head. Guys aren’t really good about talking about stuff so girls want to be able to read their minds. And maybe cuz women are a little controlling (laughs). I mean, if I had the power of levitation, I could levitate his cock but that doesn’t mean its hard. Or if he was thinking about another girl, I could control his mind and make him think I was somebody else. (laughs)

You got it all figured out!


What projects you got coming up?

Again, I’ll be feature dancing on May 18 at Asianpalooza in Los  Angeles. In August, I’m gonna be in Vegas feature dancing with a couple other Asian girls, Kaylani Lei, Michelle Maylene, Asa Akira. We’re all Vegas darlings so that should be fun. I’m also going to be doing my first interracial scene this year, I’m just not sure with who or with what company. So be on the look out for that.

Well, thanks for taking the time while waiting for a flight to talk.

Thanks so much for having me.


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