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The legend known as Tenere began in a land far away known as… Chicago, IL. This was the birthplace of Tenere and the city has never been the same since that day…

That’s not true at all. Three days after his birth, his family moved to Altadena, CA and he didn’t return to Chicago until college, so technically… the city stayed exactly the same, and was probably better off for not having him there…

Raised in the great suburb of Altadena, just north of Los Angeles, Tenere’s childhood consisted of making friends with insects in the backyard and imitating superheroes with a red towel as his cape fastened around his neck with a safety pin. His athletic prowess was honed on the 8-foot rims of the local YMCA basketball leagues, little league baseball fields, AYSO / Club soccer (yes, black man played soccer…) and gritty games of Warball (his elementary school’s version of Dodgeball…and much more manly sounding…)

Tenere graduated high school from the prestigious Polytechnic School in Pasadena, CA and continued his collegiate studies at Northwestern University. Living in the Chicago area, Tenere quickly found out, that TRUE winters are more than “50 degrees and cloudy with a chance of rain”.  He realized that Chicago was a place where, a little bit of rain did not qualify as a “Storm Watch”.

He experienced  “The Almighty Hawk” in all its glory…that bone-chilling-break-you-down-to-your-knees-why-am-I-here type cold. The kind of cold that slaps you in the face and laughs as your eyes water only to have your tears freeze. The type of cold where he realized that a down coat, long underwear and a beanie actually served a purpose other than props to make him look like he was in a rap video. However, it was while at Northwestern, that Tenere discovered his passion for writing and theatrics, but alas, at the time, he did not have the courage to pursue those passions.

After graduating from Northwestern, Tenere delved into the financial and real estate arenas holding positions from financial analyst to mortgage broker to insurance agent to loan underwriter. Eventually, he could not suppress his creative juices and Tenere took a beginning acting class at the Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio (http://www.emasla.com) in Los Angeles and as they say…the rest is history. He enrolled in the 2 year Meisner program at EMAS and has continued to train with Elizabeth Mestnik and some of the top teachers in Los Angeles in the areas of TV, film, improv and stand-up comedy.

Tenere is not only interested in pursuing endeavors in front of the camera but it is not uncommon to see him behind the camera whether it be writing his own play / short / web series, editing, doing the lights and sound for a theatre production or as a Production Assistant on a friend’s web series. Tenere loves to continually learn about all aspects of the entertainment business.

Tenere is married to his beautiful wife, Brandie, and has an amazing daughter, Kaleb. In his free time, Tenere enjoys playing basketball, travelling, and trying to decipher the lyrics of his favorite rappers.